5 Reasons Why It is Better To Study Online for The Competitive Exams

study online for the competitive exam

The internet is a massive presence in the life of any individual living in today’s world. It may be the source of memes and all things entertainment, but the internet is also a storehouse of knowledge that can be used by us to our advantage. Knowledge of every field can be available to us in an instant, all we need to do is channel our will to search and yield results.

In the light of this context, preparing for examinations has become an easier affair. Especially preparing for competitive exams which tend to have a telling effect on our futures, has become extremely convenient in today’s era of digital media.

The world of academics has embraced the influx of technology with many facets of digital learning developing over the years. With great blogs and videos made by experts and available to all, preparing for competitive examinations like the Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is now much simpler and accessible.

The GATE exam serves as a common entrance exam for all students with science and engineering backgrounds who wish to enrol for a post-graduation M. Tech. degree in one of the top institutions in the country. The accessibility of the internet has made online preparation extremely viable. Following is a list of 5 reasons arguing in favour of online preparation for competitive examinations:

1. More Comfortable and Convenient

Online learning offers texts and relevant source materials in PDF or similar formats,that can be accessed from any device at any time. This largely deals with the inconvenience that actual physical books may be. Gone are the days when you struggled to find the relevant portions through multiple books spread out all over your study area. The books are now replaced by tabs on your computer.

You don’t have to expend any energy on finding portions in a particular book either, as you can easily search keywords in a PDF format. Moreover, after the examination is over, you can leave your digital texts in the storage space of your personal computer which saves you the cumbersome effort in dealing with a bulk of books that are no longer relevant.

2. Visually Stimulating and Interesting Medium

The internet is place of great variety where people are encouraged to express and cultivate their interest in subjects through blogs, visual media et cetera. We live in a largely visual culture and it is true that we tend to retain visually imparted knowledge better than when we read about the same in a book somewhere. There are many blogs and videos available with regard to subjects relevant to competitive examinations to boost the learning process of students resorting to the internet to gain knowledge.

3. An Edge in An Age of Cutthroat Competition

The internet provides information on theories that are current in the academic field, whereas standard texts in the form of physical books have to wait for a revised edition that may take years. This gives an edge to an individual preparing for competitive examinations through online sources, that might be crucial in singling him or her out in this age of cut-throat competition. The individuals resorting to online means therefore enjoy a fair advantage.

4. Saving Time, Money, Energy

There is no point denying that online preparation is not only convenient but also instrumental in saving the time, money and energy of an individual. With material available online, candidates do not need to spend money in buying expensive books for their preparations. The PDF format and visual digital media also saves time, for it helps register facts in the mind of students in a relatively easy and fast manner. All this contribute in the conservation of physical energy as well. But the individual must be ready to use their brains at a faster pace than usual, for the internet often offers an overload of information which may be a lot to process.

5. Personally Motivated

The whole process of studying online is an entirely personal process. Not only are you studying alone as opposed to class learning which we are used to in schools, but the entire process of studying is entirely motivated by the self. To make sure you don’t get complacent, set targets for yourself and approach the process of studying online in a methodical and organised manner. A successful attempt at online preparation also makes sure that you grow as an individual with better control over your own faculties.

Online studying is a boon for every student who is set to go about their preparations for competitive exams in an unconventional and edgy manner. Technology has manifested in the field of education in a beneficial role, making knowledge remarkably accessible to students.