5 Ways to Make Your Hotel Stay More Relaxing

make your hotel stay more relaxing

Staying at a hotel is one of the best things you can look forward to whenever you travel. Especially if you stay at one of the leading hotels in Dubai, who are known to pull out all the stops to make your visit a truly efficient and enjoyable experience.

After a hectic itinerary of doing business at the DIFC or exploring the gems of Marsa Al Seef (or both), there’s nothing like opening your room and lying down on your comfortable bed.

There will be times, though, when your stay won’t be as relaxing and pleasurable as you hope it would be. If you travel for business, you could be worrying needlessly about work you didn’t finish earlier or things you will still have to do tomorrow. Because of this, you won’t enjoy your stay as much as you should. You’ll even miss out on one of the nicest aspects of staying at a hotel: unwinding and de-stressing.

To ensure you always have a relaxing stay during your travels, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1: Always bring something that reminds you of your home

Homesickness comes hand in hand with traveling. If you’re feeling particularly homesick while you’re alone in your room, you will have a harder time relaxing.

To feel more comfortable in your room and have an easier time forgetting your worries and exhaustion, put something in your room that reminds you of your home. It can be a small framed photo or painting from your bedside table. You can also bring a book that you always read at home.

If you always use a particular scent of non-aerosol air freshener, or perhaps have one of your favourite scented candles, bring them along and you can then be surrounded by a familiar scent; you’ll feel more at home even if you’re in a foreign city.

2. Order room service

If you didn’t have time to buy dinner before heading to your hotel, order room service instead of going down to the café or restaurant. Waiting for a table and eating at a crowded or noisy restaurant will do nothing to help you relax. You won’t enjoy your meal in such a setting.

When you order room service, you’ll get to savor a fine meal in the peaceful yet elegant confines of your room. You don’t even have to wear something formal to enjoy dinner; you can eat while wearing a robe and atop your comfy bed. You can take as long as you want to finish your food without being bothered by other people.

3. Take a long, hot bath

Nothing can help you de-stress after a tiring day more than a hot bath. You can enjoy a hot soak in the bathtub or even just a long, warm shower. Whatever you choose, you will feel clean and more refreshed after your bath. You’ll also have an easier time falling asleep later on.

4. Spend time at the pool

If you’re staying in a hotel with a pool, put on your swimwear and swim a few laps. Swimming is an excellent way to calm the nerves. Even simply lying down on a pool floater will help you relax.

You can also unwind by simply sitting at the poolside.. You will feel calm by just looking at the clear, clean blue water, especially if you happen to have the pool all to yourself, or there are only a few people around and not much noise.

5. Book a spa treatment

Getting a massage and enjoying a full spa treatment is a fantastic way to pamper yourself. It is a wonderful way to relax, get rid of body pains, and enjoy different health benefits, too.

Most 4-star hotels in Dubai have a variety of spa offers and packages. Simply select any of the best spa offers that suit your unique needs and schedule. You can then enjoy luxurious moments of much-needed pampering and R&R.

Being mindful about keeping yourself from succumbing to stress from both small and serious matters will also help you enjoy a more relaxing stay. Once you enter your room, make a conscious effort to forget about work issues and other worries. Bask in the luxurious, comfy atmosphere in your room. Give in to simple comforts and indulgences so that you can be sure to have pleasurable travels every time.