A Quick Guide to Protecting PDFs on the Go with PDF USB Security

PDF USB security

Using PDF USB security is a great advantage for those who want to carry documents securely, without the hassle of looking for internet access or logging in to a secure server. In addition, carrying your Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected documents in a secure, specialized USB device solves the problem of installing additional applications because the USB device has a custom viewer loaded and locked into it with the same functionalities of a desktop viewer.

Sounds neat doesn’t it? Read on to learn more about PDF USB security.

How Does PDF USB Security Work?

  • As a business owner, the first step to protecting a PDF on the go is to secure the PDF with an effective DRM system, before loading it on to the specialized USB device.
  • Next, you need to transfer the PDF and the DRM protected document to the USB device, since the keystore gets locked in place. Only those with the authorization keys can then unlock or remove this secure document from the device.
  • A secure PDF viewer is automatically copied to the USB device as well. So, you or any other end user won’t need to install additional viewers or software to view the PDF. When an end user clicks on a protected PDF on the device, the document opens on the viewer installed on the USB device.
  • Users can also download other documents that they have been authorized to view onto the USB device and the keystore will then automatically be updated with new access keys.

Who Should Use This?

DRM-protected USB devices are a great option for protecting those documents that you may want to distribute for various purposes with the flexibility of viewing them anywhere, possibly even in places that don’t have an internet connection.

So, anyone from school or college administrators to graphic designers, business owners, and movie producers can use DRM-protected USB devices.

For example, universities often restrict internet access for students, but require them to download course material with a “roaming profile” (that is, an individual desktop interface). But, with a DRM-protected USB device, students can download secured course materials and eBooks and easily carry around their own mobile library. Such books can also be custom controlled to restrict printing, copying or screen-grabbing to protect the university’s proprietary material.

What Are the Benefits of PDF Protection with Specialized DRM-Protected USB Devices?

  • There’s no need to install additional applications.
  • Having an internet connection isn’t required to access the DRM-protected documents.
  • You can bypass firewall issues as the documents and keystores are preloaded on the USB device and you don’t need to go online to register or get keys. However, document creators can request document access verification on a case-by-case basis or have the users download secure documents on the go. In this way, the creator won’t have to reissue a new USB device when documents are updated and become available for download.
  • It is portable because the documents are locked to a portable device rather than to a computer with specific network access controls.
  • The PDF viewer on the USB device is the same as a secure desktop version and offers the same security and viewing options, without any feature compromise.
  • The USB device supports viewing and protection options for multiple file types.
  • This is an over-the-counter solution for document distribution, which doesn’t require the administrator of the DRM system to set up user profiles with custom access. From a business point of view, this saves a lot of time and money and ensures complete document security.
  • The specialized devices can be pre-loaded with a viewer and a blank keystore with the option to download documents (and add keys) at a later date.
  • You can restrict access to countries and IP ranges to ensure documents can only be opened from specific locations.

PDFs are a versatile document format and, with a secured USB device, you can be sure your proprietary documents are protected wherever they go and are never accessed by anyone unauthorized.

How do you plan to use such secure USB devices? Let us know in the comments!