10 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of Banana Peel

banana peel uses teeth

It might amaze you but it is true that banana peel has lots of benefits to it and so the next time you plan to throw that peel into the dustbin, consider these points first. Banana is indeed a great healthy and nutritious fruit with an equally beneficial peel that has lots of uses for the environment and your body.

1: Teeth Whitening

Rubbing banana peel on your teeth for say a minute each day for a period of one week will result in natural teeth whitening. You can cut off a part of the banana peel and rub it over your teeth gently and then rinse off.

2: Cooking Ingredient in Several Recipes

Banana peels can also be directly eaten by adding them into many recipes. Several Indian recipes use banana peel as an ingredient that does make a difference to its taste.

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Wrapping up hard meat or chicken in a banana peel for sometime is said to tender it and make it smoother along with enhancing its taste. This tendered chicken can then be cooked the normal way.

3: Remedy to Pimples

Massaging banana peels on your face for 5 minutes every day can help you get rid of those unpleasant pimples permanently. You will get to see visible results within a week’s time but you must continue applying these peels till all acne disappears leaving your face clean and beautiful.

4: Brighten Skin

Similar to the teeth whitening effect, banana peels can also brighten your skin colour if you gently rub the inner peel over your skin and then rinse off afterwards.

5: Reduce Wrinkles

Rub the inner peel on your face and leave its residue untouched for over 30 minutes before rinsing it off. You can also rub the inner peel at night and leave it untouched over night so that the banana peel works all night as you sleep and then you can rinse it off in the morning.

6: Natural Moisturizer

Banana peels act as natural moisturizer to soften and hydrate dry skin. You can use a banana peel as a naturally created face mask for moisturizing the pours of your skin and offering a radiating glow. This face mask when rinsed off leaves your skin nourished looking fresh and feeling softer.

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You can also mix 1/4th cup plain yogurt and 2 tablespoons honey while rubbing the banana peels over your face and neck. Let it dry for 10-20 minutes and then rinse off.

7: Mosquito Bites

Massaging the banana peel on mosquito bites can help you get instant relief from the itching and pain that mosquito bites bring to you. Keep the peels in the refrigerator to cool down and once chilled apply them to your rashes, itchy skin, mosquito bites, etc. for instant relief.

8: Let your Shoes Shine

Rub the banana peel over your shoes or any material with leather or silver polish and make them shine instantly in no time. This is a great way to put the shine back on your leather shoes or silverware. Once you rub over the inner peel on the material you can then rub it off with a paper towel or cloth for restoring the finish. This can also be tried for restoring the shine and polish of your leather furniture.

9: Fertilize Indoor plants

Banana peels have good nutritional qualities that can be beneficial in nurturing seedlings in your indoor garden. You can wrap a banana peel around your tomato seedling while you plant it. Also you can keep banana peels soaked in a jar of water and then use this water to fertilize your indoor plants.

Apart from these there are many other uses of the banana peels which you kept throwing away till now. So, the next time you eat a banana don’t throw that peel away and make good use of it.