How to Recover Your Deleted Messages and Files from Phone

Backup Restore Buttons Showing Data Archive Or Recovery

In this age of advance technology, sometimes when you by mistake delete an important message or format your smartphone without taking a backup of the important data and messages (I am just saying ‘by mistake’ but I know, that you won’t), don’t you feel like banging your head against the wall?

Don’t you feel completely stupid and curse yourself for this act? Suddenly your virtual world comes down, crashing! In few seconds there is panic and stress in the air. Just imagine the amount of problems you face after you have lost it.

Definitely there are different ways to get back the lost data but it is far more confusing and full of hassle.
But relax! There is no need to panic or feel stressed about. SMS Backup and Restore app is all you need in your phone.

sms backup & restore app

One of the most highly rated and downloaded app in Google Play Store this smart app is like your ultimate saviour.

With its simple usage, the app helps you in taking a backup of all your important messages and information automatically, making you breathe at ease and feel stress-free.

However, the backup is done in the phone locally by default. In order to ensure better safety of your messages and information, make sure you configure this app with your email, Google Drive or Dropbox.

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What’s more that this app even fixes the bugs of the crashing apps in your phone apart from creating a backup of your texts. This app even informs you about the heavy files and apps on your smart device via email.

Available on Google Play Store for free, thousands of users are already using this app and are really happy with its functioning. According to the users, this app gives a flawless performance and it’s like a must have in all android phones. The simple features and techniques are highly appreciated.

Here you can download this App: Click Here to Download

Hence, let your worries of losing your important messages take a backseat and without a second thought download the SMS Backup and Restore app. You are downloading it, right?