What is The Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss?

Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Are you trying hard to lose extra pounds? So, you are losing weight. But, how about fat loss? What is the difference between fat loss and weight loss? Are they both important? Or you need to focus on just one? Following information will clear your all confusions about weight loss and fat loss.

Weight gain or obesity has become one of the hottest topics in the world health and fitness. Everyone is focusing on shredding extra pounds by following various methods. But, most of the people do not get desired results. One of the major reasons behind this consequence is lack of knowledge about the weight loss concept. Some of them get confused between the two terms, weight loss or fat loss. Let’s understand what is the basic difference?

Weight Loss V/S Fat Loss

Weight loss simply involves muscle loss, fat loss and water loss. But fat loss involves the reduction of stored body fat.  Weight loss is possible by just following correct diet and improper workout whereas, fat loss needs right nutrition and strength training. Fitness level is decreased when you only focus on weight loss. But focusing on fat loss, you will get improved fitness level.

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If you keep on focusing on weight loss, you cannot focus on gaining much strength. Moreover it will only deteriorate the performance. But if you focus on fat loss, you can gain enhanced strength and performance. Most of the fitness trainer only focuses on fat loss because they do not want to compromise on their immunity. Weight loss will decrease the immunity. It has been observed that weight loss make the body to look old but the fat loss will make body to look young and fit.

What is More Important?

It is very important for you to focus on the right one. If your aim is to loss the extra weight, then it is pretty obvious that you will be having extra fat. You should focus on fat loss instead of weight loss.

If you focus on losing weight through crash dieting and improper workout, you will be only focusing on losing 60% muscle mass and just 40% fat. Muscle loss will result into low metabolism which again promotes fat gain. Losing muscles is not good for your health as you will put on extra fat which is difficult to reduce. Low metabolism will never let your fat to get reduced easily.

Here is a Tip! How to Reduce Fat Quickly?

Here is a very simple formula, you to focus on the following things when it comes to fat loss:

  • Strength training
  • Cardio
  • Healthy Eating
  • 8 hours sleep
  • Stress management

After trying all these even if you are losing the weight, then do not worry! You are on right track!

We have seen some users that using Injectable steroid cycles. These products are quite effective in losing extra fat along with nutritious and strength training ( we are not responsible and recommend to use these type of such products, read all detail carefully before use on your own risk). 

Whether you are taking such supplements or focusing just traditional methods, you have to focus on strength training and proper nutritious. When you are going for strength training, you will start gaining muscles and losing fat. And it is possible that you are losing fat while keeping the weight constant. This means you are making a good progress because you are losing your healthy weight. In fact, you are doing nice things to yourself because you are losing fat and growing muscles.