Here’s How Technology Is Changing the Face of Online Retail Market

Online Retail Market

Online Retail is getting complicated. Moreover, technology is blowing up the retail scene. It is no longer a situation where being a retailer your primary aim is to stock shelves with goods and waiting for the shoppers to visit your store. It is important to mention that rapid developments in technology are altering the online retail game. As per Lisa Arthur, the retailers are preparing themselves to brace for the challenges in this era of new digital technology.

Nowadays, retailers have to make their goods and products available via mobile applications and websites, run efficient e-commerce business operations, deliver products to the doorsteps of the customer and have to be prepared for severe criticism in case things go awry. On the other hand, consumers are becoming more demanding and less tolerant of failures on the part of retailers. They want a seamless shopping experience to satiate their various needs. There are many cool innovations out there that would facilitate the demand of the consumers and put retailers ahead of the game.

Retailers can now deliver relevant and personal suggestions to consumers

In the past, retailing began with shopkeepers who would welcome their customers and then come to learn their customer’s needs and preferences. However, nowadays, with the advent of smartphones, shopkeepers or retailers are delivering relevant suggestions. These important suggestions play a crucial role in turning intent of the consumers into action. In the past, retailers interacted with customers. However, now the same customer is demanding goods that match the specific needs. In simpler words, the customer is now in charge.

Retail culture and disruption

Retail culture does not readily consent to the separation. On the other side, it is also a widely accepted fact that resistance to alteration would be a negative factor for those retailers who would not survive. As per Walter Loeb, technology would make shopping easier. The advancements in technology in the online retail sector would comprise of the digital wallet, robotics, personal recognition, artificial intelligence, etc. As a merchant of today, one has to accept omnichannel retailing as a bid to attract and retain customers. For instance, forward-thinking stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s have smart fitting rooms and magic mirrors. These rooms can help a consumer select his or her dress depending on their body size. In case of buying watches online, you can take help of applications that can measure the size of your wrist efficiently and accurately.


The technology innovations that are changing the face of online marketing

There are many cool technology innovations out there responsible for altering the overall look of online retail. Shopping has been made easy for the consumers as they search for quick experiences through a variety of devices. However, the consumers in this digital era stand at the risk of becoming depersonalized and this is where the retailers have to step forward. The online retailers have to ensure that they keep up with this trend of omnichannel retailing. Here is the list of technology innovations that are steadily changing the face of online retail.

Mobile applications are changing relationships between the retailer and consumer

The mobile apps are now providing the opportunity to retailers to connect with the consumers. Nowadays, the brands do not wait for the customers to walk into their stores. The brands can reach consumers everywhere. Moreover, even when the customers are not shopping, the retailers can still be on their minds. With the trend of mobile application development skyrocketing, the app of the brand always stays on the customer’s phone thereby reminding him or her of that particular brand. What’s more, location-based notifications are being delivered to the customer when he or she enters the shop. This process resembles like that of getting customers offline back into the actual stores.

Mobile Payments

The steady growth of electronic payments is hitting the online retail hard. On the other hand, mobile payments are not far behind and are seen as a significant mode of payment in online retail stores. This is where the retailers are feeling the pressure to make this concept safe and reliable for their customers. Let’s take the example of Apple Pay. It is a digital wallet that links the VISA or credit card to your smartphone. However, you need to own an iPhone if you want to use the Apple Pay. It facilitates smooth transactions in busy stores and on shopping applications too. Retailers have to create the website that supports encryption layers to facilitate safe operations.


The visual marketing platform

In a bid to actively engage their target audiences, the brands have now found a new way in the form of visual marketing. In this context, it is important to note that Olapic is a leading visual marketing platform that applies the pictures of the customers to the sites of the brands. In this manner, it makes the shopper feel more connected to the particular brand. This platform also helps a brand to reach their consumers by unlocking images for marketing purposes. Olapic collects data from a plethora of social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and publishes the content on the website of the company. It then distributes the same data through omnichannel set-ups. In this manner, the retailer can measure the success.

All these technological advancements in the world of online retail are indeed fascinating. Moreover, it is creating connectivity and making the lives of the consumers easy. One can also notice the beautiful merge of offline and online shopping through various applications and platforms. Hence, the time has come for those outdated retailers to adapt themselves to these new forms of technology.