How to Make Your Hair Longer and Beautiful with Hair Extensions

hair extension

What is Hair Extension

have you ever noticed celebrities having new hairstyles daily. you would always have been amazed by looking at their different hair styles. they regularly have different sizes and texture of their hairs. but how this is possible?

Its all possible due to hair extensions. today in this article we are going to tell you how you every thing you want to know about the hair extensions.

The art of adding different kind of hairs with the natural hairs is called as Hair extension.

The practice of hair extension is being done from a long time. this practice gives your hair desired looks.this practice does not harm our hair in any way nor this practice has any side effect.

Human Hair Extensions

These days hair extension is getting more and more. have you ever noticed why it is being so popular these days. now we will tell you why hair extension is done.

These are the Following Reasons:

1: Long Hair

long hair is every woman’s dream. having long hair adds to woman’s beauty. but due to some reason the dream of long hair remain uncompleted for some womans.

for these class of womans the practice of hair extension is a kind of boon. with the help of hair extension woman can get long hairs very easily. For getting long hairs. the extensions are added on the back side of the neck so that hair looks long.

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2: For Increasing Volume

the hairs look more beautiful and healthy if they are present in sufficient numbers in our heed. The art of hair extensions enables us to increase the volume of our hair by adding the clips in hair. This practice is solving many of our problems today.

3: To Add Colour

sometimes we want our hair to have different colours but at the same time we are afraid of colouring our hair because colouring the hairs can lead to white hairs and many other problems.

For those people, who want to colour their hair but can’t do that, hair extension is a perfect solution. you can various kind of colour extensions to your hair for giving a colory look to your hair.

Types of Hair Extensions

hair extensions pros and cons

Their are two types of hair extensions:

1: Human Hair Extensions

The hair extension which are made from human hairs have many advantages. the practice of human hair extension is done to give permanent hair extension to some one.

This is the perfect hair extension method for getting long term extended hair. in this method hairs are joined with hair by experts. these hairs are added in the head with the help of glue, sew, tap or with plastic beads that can last for many months.

in this method a tiny black bead,which is present on the tip of hair, is added to the group of hairs.

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The human hair extensions can be washed, coloured, blowed or dried whenever you need. due to this advantage the Human hair extensions are little costlier.

Their are following advantages for the human hair extensions. some of them are as follows:

  • Can be curled and heated
  • Safe for straightening
  • Can be dyed, cut and styled
  • Blends naturally with your hair
  • Feels silky soft and shineier
  • Comes in natural blends
  • They last longer and does not fade away.

2: Synthetic Hair Extensions

As the name suggests the practice of synthetic hair extension uses the synthetic hairs. These hairs are synthetic so they cannot be used for a long time. but for a short time perfect look they are awesome.

The hair extensions which are formed of synthetic hairs are found in clip-on forms.these are found in many colours such as red, blonde, purple,blue, yellow,green, brown, brunet this case you can use them according to your need. According to experts, those who want to colour their hair but don’t colur them due to the fear of chemicals, for them the synthetic hair extension is perfect.

You can use these hair extensions whenever you want. you can clip them in your hairs when you want and can remove them when you don’t want them. you can wash them but cannot dry,or blend like natural hairs.
some of the disadvantages of synthetic hair extensions are as follow:

  • Cannot be curled and heated
  • Not safe for straightening
  • Cannot be dyed and styled
  • Does not blend naturally with hair.
  • Not silky,soft and shineier
  • Doesn’t comes in natural colours
  • They can fade quickly
  • They can be tangled

so this was our article on hair extension. hope that you would have liked it. please don’t forget to give your precious comments via comment section.