How Useful are Digital Menu Boards for Businesses

Digital menu board

The hospitality sector continues to be an exciting, evolving and competitive space that both entrepreneurs and food lovers enjoy participating in. It is crucial for restaurants to think of different ways to attract customers to their offers of food and drinks, increase foot traffic and encourage customers to return.

If you run a restaurant that provides diners with a delicious and enticing menu that is filled with items that you are proud of and willing to serve, creative ways to draw customers into the space are necessary. Restaurant owners or managers are aware of how important it is to ensure that more patrons get a chance to try the food that has been well prepared and put together.

Maximizing on Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are no longer exclusive to take away establishments, quick service and fast food joints. They can be placed in a variety of areas within your restaurant to catch the eye of anyone who is looking for the next tasty bite. There are a number of ways to maximize on digital menu boards and go beyond using them solely for displaying images of food.


People are naturally indecisive when they want to pick something to eat. A digital menu board gives you the chance to suggest side options, desserts, additional starters, upsizing as well as food and drink combinations. Upselling is beneficial for the customer because they are able to get more than what they and bargained for. It is also great for the manager or owner because upselling increases revenue and everyone wins in this situation.

Using Space Wisely

While it may be easy to place a whole menu on the board and give customers more options when they order, the reality is that cluttered menu boards can be overwhelming. This can lead to people abandoning their decision altogether. It is advisable to use all the space available wisely by showing items such as best sellers, new menu items and specials rather than each and every menu item.

Displaying Additional Information

In a society that craves information, you can use a digital signage menu board for much more than just showing items on the menu that eave customers satisfied. You can also provide your customers with useful information.

Suggestions for content include the history of the restaurant, ingredients and nutritional information. Digital signage menu boards can also be used to advertise other companies, which help to pay off hardware and software.


A digital menu board is not just about images of food and their prices. These types of menu boards are attractive to the eye and dynamic. They provide a space for you to get creative. Digital signage software enables you to upload imagery and videos that allow you to tell stories about your brand. Customers can be entertained while waiting for their food and spend the time they have for decision making wisely.

Interior Signage

Digital menu boards are suitable for displaying food and drinks in appetizing ways that boost the brand. Menu screens can constantly show infotainment and a changing combination of products that promotes items while reducing perceived dwell or wait times. This leads to a better dining experience and increased sales.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage assists with the process of taking orders right at the decision point. You can use dynamic content to promote certain items on the menu, make wit times more enjoyable and cross-sell.

Adding Value

Digital menu boards help restaurant operators and owners increase sales and profits. They allow you to change menus according to the time of day. You will be able to show a variety of content and can trigger promotions during different seasons. The key is to promote product mixes and cycle through the items that you want to promote.

Wait times are usually a sore spot for many people. Infotainment can be inserted into programming whenever dwell times exceed a specified number of minutes, for example. This boosts promotional efforts while reducing perceived wait times.


Digital signage systems can communicate easily with the cash register or point of sale in order to retrieve correct item prices automatically and keep information updated.

Business and Signage

You may be opening up a new business or need to rebrand a business that has already been established. Perhaps you want to enhance your visibility to get attention from potential customers. Regardless of what the level of your business may be signage should be an important aspect of your marketing endeavors if you aim to make a significant impact and strengthen your visual brand.

Good signage helps businesses in various ways that include the following:

  • Visibility and branding– Customers often buy from businesses that they are aware of. Eye-catching and prominent signage gives your business exposure and helps to build a stronger brand.
  • Functionality– Along with its promotional purpose, signage plays a functional role that helps to direct people to your merchandise and business as well as provides information about sales and discounts. This raises awareness of marketing activities and enhances the customer experience.