Did You Know Weirdest Sleep Experiments?

Do you know for a very long-time, as a matter of fact, since centuries, studies are being conducted on sleep, sleep disorders, lack of sleep and its effects etc.? Yes, you heard it right. This very simple daily routine is a subject of substantial Research.

We all know sleep holds an essential part in maintaining a healthy life and sane mind. Its essential to keep yourself in order with the biological clock for well-being. At times, we all stretch our limits and gets sleep deprived. But doing it frequently can land us in trouble. Trivial effects consist of small term curbing of our learning, thinking and reaction abilities and lasting effects could be severe medical issues.

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Sleep is like a breather to our brain which is an ongoing running machine. It helps us to process the activity of an entire day and restore our energies which further helps to understand, take charge of life and improve everything around. In short sleep is indispensable part of our existence.

There have been various researches done on sleep and results realized. Few amongst them have been downright weird. Here is an infographic which compiles few of the bizarre experiments done on sleep.

Did You Know Weirdest Sleep Experiments