Best Way to Lose 10 Pounds Weight in 1 Week Without Exercise

Do you also belong to the crowd of people who keep whining about their extra pounds but are not willing to put efforts in exercising every day? Well! If this is more like you then, there is good news for you here.

You no more have to follow a hectic exercise routine for having to lose weight. You can manage your weight naturally just by bringing in a few healthy changes to your everyday diet and lifestyle.

Drink a Glass of Water before Each Meal

Drinking a glass of water before each meal helps you understand whether you are really hungry or it was just your thirst. Also, a glass of water will hold a bit of space in your stomach which will make you eat a little less. You can also add a slice of lemon or lime in your water so as to add some flavor to it.

Count Calories

Losing weight has a small principle which says you have to burn more calories than the amount of calories which you are taking in. Have a calorie count; get to know the number of calories in the items you regularly eat and add up your every day calorie count. You can also take assistance from a food tracking app on your smart phone and keep a check on your calories. Introducing a oil less cooker may help you reducing calories from frying food.

Eat Foods that Take a While to Digest

Eat foods that take time to digest. This way you will feel your stomach full for a longer while and it will also keep your metabolism busy. You can focus on consuming foods that have more fiber content such as raspberries, pears, apples, peas, broccoli, beans, almonds and whole wheat spaghetti.

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Don’t Miss your Breakfast

Breakfast is your foremost day meal that you have after eight hours of fasting after dinner. Never miss your breakfast since eating this meal of the day gives a start to your metabolism and gets it working for the day. This helps you burn more calories. Opt for some fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs or peanut butter for a healthy breakfast. Avoid consuming fat products during this time of the day and do not over eat.

Have a Regular Food Schedule

Try to have your meals around the same time each day. Maintaining a regular food schedule helps your body settle into a defined pattern and allows you to burn the right amount of calories each day. Following a regular food schedule also helps you to mentally control your eating.

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Green Tea

Green Tea, which is full of anti oxidants also helps in reducing your weight naturally. Have two to three cups of green tea each day to get the benefit of weight loss.