Reasons your Content is Not Getting Enough Shares

social media marketing

Creating shareable content is becoming increasingly important for businesses all over the globe. Brand promoters and marketers view this as a chance to increase brand visibility.

When you are able to reach consumers with your content and they end up broadcasting it in their social media pages, it helps to reach more people. This can land you more visitors and new customers that you would have otherwise not reached.

It can be frustrating to use tracking tools to monitor your social media shares only to meet disappointing sharedcount results. This could happen even though you are 100% sure that you are delivering quality content.

Do not give up just yet. You can turn things around and have many clicking the share button when you publish something. Here are some reasons your published content may not be getting the shares it deserves and how to solve the issues.

1. Not Posting Enough

There will always be that fear of bombarding your audience with too many posts that may make them detest you. This is not to say that you should put up a single post every month. At the end of the day, consistency is key. Never be scared to share great content and exciting stuff with your social circle even if it is a couple of times daily.

Engagement will always be present as long as you decide to publish content that adds value to the reader. Your audience will actually be craving more if they like what you post. Do not disappoint them by not posting enough. Publishing content frequently also gives your target audience the chance to engage with you better. Just experiment to see what brings in the best results.

2. You do not Bring Anything New to the Table

If you have similar content to everyone else in your niche, readers will not be motivated to share the content. This is because they will be reading what they already know or something that they can easily get in other avenues.

It is one of the reasons carrying out a competitive analysis is crucial. This will allow you to know what is out there so that you can come up with strategies that will help you stand out. It is regardless of whether you are dealing with a highly competitive field. When you offer something unique, the audience will want to follow you go ahead and share your content because they are getting something fresh.

3. Overdoing Mentions and Hashtags

Some writers tend to go crazy when it comes to using hashtags and mentions. It is perhaps why some social sites like Instagram and Twitter have some sort of limitations in their text boxes. It is put in place to help you come up with short descriptions that attract the most engagement. A majority do not want to be bored with lengthy descriptions that go on about nothing.

When posting on Instagram, there is the freedom to use 30 hashtags on every photo. It does not mean that you should use up all 30 on all your posts. Using at least ten or a maximum of 15-20 can help generate interest in the hashtags without going overboard.

4. You are Not Growing

Yes, it is crucial to grow in all aspects of your life including the posts you put up on social media. The best way to get people to unfollow you is to publish the same content day in day out.

Seek to build content that is better than what you did yesterday. People follow you because they want to see you improve as they grow with you. For this reason, progression is non-negotiable.

5. Failing to Include Call To Action

You can have up with a blazing post but it is not getting the attention it deserves. How can you be sure that your followers and friends have seen it? This is where the call-to-action scheme comes in. It makes sure that the post reaches the right people to drive the shares it deserves. Tactful ways you can employ to interact with your fans include:

  • Asking questions
  • Assisting fans to uncover something new
  • Using statistics to make a point
  • Offering the perks of link clicking

6. You have the Wrong Idea of What your Audience Wants

You could be crafting some excellent content but delivering it to the wrong audience. It is one thing to think that you understand what your audience is searching for. It is another to pay attention to what they are engaging with.

Get to know your audience better and come up with ways to impress them each time you deliver content. You must also monitor the content you produce. Identify the type that gets the most engagement and get rid of the ones that nobody seems to like.

7. Posting at the Wrong Time

Posting when your target audience is not active will just end up wasting your time. On Facebook, you can visit the insight page to see the times when your fans are most active. Here you will get to see the times your followers were online and very active in the past week. Purpose to introduce new content during these times. Test different times to see what will bring in the desired results.

8. Ignoring your Fans

It is selfish for a business owner to pay no attention to fans who invest their time in reading posts and even goes ahead to comment, like, or share. When someone decides to share your content, it will not hurt to send a “thank you for the share” comment. If a person asks a question, it is only right to respond to them within reasonable a reasonable time-frame.

Know how to wisely deal with negative comments. You can apologize and reach out to the commenter to try and make things right. If you do not come to an understanding it will still work for your business because other people will see that you really tried. Delete or moderate spam comments immediately as they are bad for your reputation. You can also visit some of the profiles of the people interested in your content and reciprocate by liking, commenting, or even sharing.