Smoking and Dementia. How to cure?


You must stop smoking. Because it is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and it could actually burn your house. Smoking damages your organs and messes up the functions of your body, giving you severe diseases. It shortens your life expectancy. Cigarettes burn whole buildings when left unattended. Secondhand smoke has the same effects as direct smoke, even to those people who never wished to smoke.

Babies are affected by secondhand smoke, including the ones who are not yet born. Smoking contributes to sudden infant death syndrome. Smoking also causes several psychological disorders like depression, psychosis, and dementia.


Smoking can cause you to develop dementia. Dementia is a form of mental regression. It is the deterioration of your memory, your ability to learn, your ability to do things, and your understanding. Middle-aged smokers are more likely to develop dementia than retired smokers. The explanation on why extremely old smokers have fewer risks of developing dementia is still undergoing research.

Still, if you are a middle-aged smoker, you are at risk of developing this humiliating disorder. You will begin with forgetting where you put your car keys or what day it is today. You will go on to forgetting the birthdays of your loved ones.

More About Dementia

Smoking shortens your life expectancy. Once you are in your middle age, the fact that you are a smoker means you are almost dead. Do you really want to spend the last years of your life having dementia? Dementia will cause you to have difficulty learning new things like figuring out a new device. It will also destroy the different functions of your body.

Your personality will change, and you might become one of those ill-fated dementia patients who ran across the road naked. Dementia is humiliating not only to those who have it but also to the families and friends of those who have it.

Quit With E-cigarettes

Avoiding dementia is a great motivation to quit smoking. The quickest way to stop smoking is by switching to e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are an innovation, but so far, there has not been a recorded proof of e-cigarettes being truly harmful. E-cigarettes are electronic devices that produce heat and steam that look like smoke.

You can get your dose of nicotine from e-cigarettes by choosing to use tobacco vape juice, but you will not get the same harmful effects that real tobacco cigarettes have been putting in you. E-cigarettes do not have the toxins that make real tobacco cigarettes so deadly.

Quit With Mind Exercises

Other than smoking, the primary belief is that lack of brain activity causes dementia. They say people who don’t think much are at risk of developing dementia. So busy yourself with mind games like Sudoku and puzzles. Even a few minutes of browsing the internet can exercise your brain. You can also take courses to keep learning or learn a new language.

You can even learn a new musical instrument, which is actually one of the best ways to quit smoking. It will distract you from your cravings. The music you will learn to make can also strengthen your mind, especially if you learn to play the violin.

Quit With Another Mind Exercise

Meditation used to be an ancient religious practice. Now, it is being done without any connection to religion. Some clinics even do it in connection to Medicine. Meditation has been proved by scientists to strengthen the connections between neurons and increase the shape of the brain, causing the person to have a better thinking power and clearer concentration.

Meditation is powerful and also used by smokers to keep themselves from smoking. In your situation, meditation can help you in both quitting smoking and keep your brain from dementia. Meditation involves deep breathing and concentration. Yoga, tai chi, Qigong, and mindfulness are different types of meditation.


Dementia is a complex problem. Worsening symptoms of dementia can kill you earlier than your actual life expectancy because people with dementia become clumsy and too fearless to take good care of themselves. Most people also get annoyed with patients of dementia, getting them arrested, sending them to homes for the aged, or ostracizing them from society. If you know someone who has dementia, help them quit smoking by supporting them.