Health Benefits of White, Green and Black Tea

There are plenty of health benefits of tea, some are known and some are capable of being lesser recognized. Very widely it is known and desirable subject to high levels of antioxidants. Quite highly, these are helpful to your body damage caused by free radicals happening as a result of diet, manner and the atmosphere in which you dwell.

Along with being a hot, delicious beverage, it is in great use as extremely effective home remedies, from skin to teeth as well as general preventive measures. Mentioned below are some of the most popular benefits of tea extract.

Care of Skin

If you buy loose tea online, it will desirably and positively be influential on the skin, providing assistance in the relief of skin problems like eczema and acne. It can substitute the regular skin toner or mordant. Basically, people make use of it for their skin as usual with other components with a wool ball of cotton. Tea when consumed regularly can spectacularly eradicate acne significantly.

Care for Teeth

Apart from skin care, manufacturers maintain it that quite extreme green tea works well like a mouthwash. Subject to the natural fluoride volume in green tea, tooth decay can be avoided, plaque enhancement initiation and assistance of strengthening teeth and gums.

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Levels of Cholesterol

If you buy loose leaf tea online, its antioxidant content are renowned for maintaining the oxidation of levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) inside our blood from conversion into plaque that is a hard product clogging the arteries and inclining us towards suffering heart attack or a stroke. Those having higher levels of cholesterol ought to every time ingest this tea for holding the lower levels. Generally, tea is considered for having an effect that is anti-inflammatory and is good for the general function of the heart.

health benefits of green tea

Loss of Weight

Green tea has got fat burning qualities and its capability of metabolism growth. There are no side effects that are ill and uncomfortable, like the heart palpitations, dizziness that is normally seen when making use of other products of weight loss. Heaps of people digest green tea into their regular diet and system of exercise. You can find a lot of green weight loss teas in the market.

Tea is of three main types, white, green and black. Herbal tea is not really a tea, but it is an artisan. Herbal tea is prepared from a mixture of dried leaves, grasses, seeds, barks, nuts, fruits, flowers or other elements that are botanical. This can be considered as the fourth type of tea in the article.

Benefits of “White, Green and Black” Tea in General

  • Inhibition of cancer growth, lowering of cancer in the tummy, colon and breast.
  • Suppression of the gene triggering body inflammation.
  • Oral deactivation of the viruses.
  • The Higher content of antioxidants attack free radicals present in the body. The content of Polyphenois enhances the count of white blood cell that resists infection.
  • Prevention of heart disease and stroke.
  • Richness in vitamin C, and a good source of manganese, niacin, potassium, folic acid and trace amounts of vitamins B1, B2 and K.
  • Stimulation of the circulatory system for strengthening of the blood vessels.
  • Lessening of cholesterol levels
  • Assistance in digestion
  • Calories burning and providing assistance in weight reduction by being influential on the fats in the stream of blood as well as in the tissues.
  • Richness in fluorides for strengthening of tooth enamel and resistance to build-up of plaque along with strengthening of bones in the resistance in opposition to osteoporosis.
  • A mild germicide agent that is helpful in resistance to food poisoning and has properties that is antibacterial for resistance against throat infections.
  • Alertness improvement, ability of problem-solving along with concentration.
  • Protection in opposition to glaucoma as well as other common eye disease.

Benefits of Herbal Tea in General

  • Promotion of wellness and energy
  • Promotion of a state of mind that is more calm and relaxed
  • Helpful in assistance with stomach and digestive problems.
  • Heart health support
  • Promotion of your body’s cleansing properties
  • Nourishment of the nervous system
  • Strengthening of the immune system.
  • Richness in antioxidants
  • Stimulation of internal organs
  • Avoiding of cold virus
  • Promotion of a good sleep during the night
  • Free from caffeine with good taste

Still, there are ongoing health benefits of teas. Every day you will come across new information. So you must go forward and consume few cups of tea at present and daily. This will make you feel superior and induce alertness in you.

Drinking tea has many reasons. There are health benefits and it makes you feel good and moreover tea alone has zero calories.

green tea benefits

How to Use Tea?

You must enjoy tea as a beverage. You can dip it in hot water like a tuba or as loose leaf tea, make use of an instant powder or buy a ready-made drink that is canned or bottled. It is even accessible as wine, jelly, hard candy and a pastry.

Nutritional Facts

One serving of 237 grams makes a provision of 2 calories and 0% of your regular needs for minerals, protein, vitamins, sodium, carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol.

The tea caffeine level is influenced by several factors like brewing time, grade, temperature and variety. There is estimation that large quantities of caffeine are released by the tea within half a minute of brewing. If you are to diminish your caffeine intake, very quickly you can pour this brew out and make addition of fresh water.

Oral Health

The Tea content of polyphenols diminishes plaque and the bacterial intensification causing bad breath. Then there is inhibition of germs causing strep cavities and infections. Fluoride is collected by tea in its leaves. Tea is advantageous for resilient tooth enamel building. People often express concerns around teeth staining for which white tea is an ideal choice beyond its complements of black or green teas. White tea is rich in polyphenol content that hardly stains teeth.


If you desirably and positively buy loose tea online, it will provide assistance in the relief of skin problems like eczema and acne. It can substitute the regular skin toner or mordant. When you buy loose leaf tea online, its antioxidant content maintains the oxidation of levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) inside our blood from conversion into plaque.