How to Connect Pen drive to Android Mobile Using OTG Cable

otg cable

There was a time when a cell phone was only used for talking and texting purpose. As time passed, technology kept on advancing and now for the tech industry, sky is the limit.

Today, a cellphone works like a wonder gadget or if we keep it right, it works like a magic wand in people’s lives. It is indeed magical to see how our entire world fits in this one gadget.

From a change in the way of talking to a change in the way of texting, from a change in the way of sending emails to a change in the way of transferring data to another device, our world of possibilities have kept on increasing and shall keep on expanding in future as well.

We must be quite familiar to this phrase, ‘the more we get the more we want’. Similarly in the case of our mobile devices, we expect the features to be never ending.

Nowadays, most of the mobile manufacturing companies understand the essence of time very well and believe to add features that save a lot of time mobile users.

However, one such feature that has been the eye candy and a must have for many android users these days is USB OTG (even known as USB On The Go). These days most of the handsets come with this in built support feature.

Most of the time when we are in a hurry and have an important file to transfer or when we are on our way to a vacation, we like to watch movie, it kind of becomes a tedious task to connect our handset to the laptop and transfer the files from our pendrive. Hence, we end up doing nothing. This is where a USB OTG comes in to play a mighty important role.

How to use of USB OTG

So what does this USB On The Go or USB OTG support feature does? It helps us connect our phone to our pendrive through USB OTG cable. While it is difficult to find this cable in the market, it is easily available online at a cheap rate.

Through the USB OTG cable, you can easily connect your device to your pendrive and transfer files from your pendrive to your smartphone and vice-versa. It is highly useful for those are always on the go and mostly work on their phones.

Just connect your USB device with the cable and as soon as your phone detects the USB device, it is ready to use through a file manager installed in your handset.

Even if your phone does not support this feature, don’t worry. You can easily root this feature through laptop or computer.

Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy J7, One Plus 2, Moto X Play, Moto G3, Lenovo K3 Note, Xiaomi Mi4 etc. come with this unique feature. The best part of this feature is that it acts like the perfect alternative of a laptop or a computer.

Say goodbye to file transferring or managing hassles and say hello to the ease of life, USB OTG support. Go ahead and get one today!