Top 5 Health Trends You Need To Know

current health trends

Woo hoo! Time flies ,it is 2017 with the latest apocalypse soundly behind us, we can look forward to 2017. Here are 5 health trends gaining steam and should continue building in 2017.

More Meals, Smaller portions

Eating 5 to 6 times a day with smaller meals has gained a strong foothold in the active community as compared to the tradition 3 large meals a day norm.

The reasons are plenty: normal portions for calorie control

  • Avoiding stomach-stuffing hunger
  • Keeping the body’s GI system active
  • Regulating and normalizing blood sugar levels
  • Staying energized

Of course, you must still be mindful of your calories and what these snacks consist of. The snack should be high in protein, rich in fiber, low on fat while maintain a portion for healthy fat. For complete nutrition, include one serving of fruits or vegetables.

  1. Good Protein Sources: Seafood,Lean meat,Low-fat yogurt, cheese, milk,Eggs, Beans, Soy
  2. Good Fiber Sources: Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains, Beans
  3. Healthy Fat Sources: Avocado,Vegetable, oils,Fatty fish,Nuts

Used to throwing the contents of half your plate into the garbage. Many diet plans actually recommend “leaving something on the plate.” As households get more Not this much food! conscious, they look to reduce their waste from the kitchen.

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2017 will see greener kitchens with the house Chef cooking portions that can be finished, while getting the belly flat and keeping the garbage can empty.

Health and environmental benefits are coming together here, so lose the guilt about trashing food and join the cause. There are lots of handy apps that can help guide cooking with the right portions.

Meatless Meat Taking Off

If you visit your local steakhouse, chances are, if you ask for a Vegetarian Menu they will provide you one. With many giving up meat together, or celebrating Meatless Mondays, the food options are catching up with the demand. Look to expand your grocery list and recipe book with soy, tofu and green alternatives. Visit the 100’s of new restaurants that are launching especially as they make their way inland from the coast.

Gluten Free

Gluten is found in foods that contains wheat, oats, rye and barley. Basically everything that is in your kitchen. For those with Celiac Disease, eating gluten cases damage to the inside of your stomach lining and can result on lots of pain, diarrhea and malnutrition.

Crispy Tofu Meals

Now, lots of diets are springing up that claim gluten-free is the way to be for weight loss. Some argue if the gluten-free diet does work, it’s because the dieter is unable to find a gluten-free option and thus has to eat less.

If you want to lose weight fast, we recommend you to visit Lean reads where you can find naturally slim programs, best meal replacement shakes or even vegetarian Meals for a lazy man.

Health in the Workplace

Studies have been surfacing that sitting down for 8 straight hours a day is unhealthy for you. Sure, we probably knew that already, but the risks seem to apply whether you are active or not outside of work.

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Taking frequent breaks to move around and get your blood flowing are being encouraged and people are even purchasing standing desks to remain mobile and productive.

Ergonomics is taking off in the workplace, as ergonomic specialists are often invited to major companies to analyze your posture and sitting position as compared to your workstation to get you sitting as comfortable as possible with strong back support

Be sure to keep a right daily posture with your back, neck shoulders and eyesight properly aligned will do wonders for your long term health and energy level.