What are Cold Sores and How Do You Treat Them?

cold sore

Laser treatments are now able to treat cold sores, but you may be wondering if cold sore removal is permanent. We’re here to help you understand cold sore treatment, including future preventative measures. Read on to learn what you can expect from laser treatment for cold sores.

What is A Cold Sore?

A cold sore is the result of the herpes simplex virus. The virus forms tiny blisters near the mouth and lips. It’s easy to spread the virus through touching the infected area or having contact with saliva.

If you have a cold sore, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to not spread it to another person. One way that you can prevent future cold sore outbreaks is to not come in contact with a person who has a cold sore.

Do I Have A Cold Sore?

Most often, you can tell if you have a cold sore by its appearance. You’ll probably notice a small grouping of blisters. The blisters will eventually break, releasing a clear liquid. The cold sore blisters will then scab or crust. They usually go away within two weeks, but if your body still has the virus, they may return to the same place as before.

If you don’t want to wait two weeks for the cold sores to go away, consider laser treatment. It’s best to get the treatment before the blisters even appear. You can tell if you’re about to get a cold sore if your lips or the skin around your mouth feels itchy, painful or tingly. Other symptoms of potential cold sores include fever, sore throat and swollen glands.

How can Lasers Treat A Cold Sore?

While there are other, non-laser treatments for cold sores, like ointments and creams, lasers do a better job at attacking the issue at the root. Not only will they get rid of the cold sore, but they’ll also rid your body of the herpes simplex virus, which is what is causing the cold sore.

The laser heats the cold sore (the heat is focused on just one area and will not touch the skin), and at the same time kills the virus. It also helps the body to quickly heal. The best part is that laser treatment for cold sores takes approximately 15 minutes, and there isn’t any downtime that follows the treatment.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Laser Treatment?

The laser will destroy the virus that is causing the cold sore, so if you don’t have any visible cold sores yet, you won’t see them at all. When the virus stops, so do the cold sores.

If you currently have a visible cold sores, they will heal much more quickly than they would on their own. You’ll also feel immediate relief of itching, tingling or pain, because the nerve cells around the painful area are deadened. The breakout will cease to spread, and you won’t need follow-up treatment for that specific cold sore.

Will My Cold Sore Return?

Over time, it’s very possible that laser treatment will get rid of your cold sores in the treated area permanently. However, the virus itself cannot be permanently cured, so it is possible the cold sores will eventually return. Laser treatment, though, can give you a lot of time in between breakouts, and they may even get rid of them permanently.

While it’s possible that your cold sore will return, either in the same area or a different area, laser treatment for cold sores can make breakouts happen far less often. Additionally, the breakouts will be less intense than before, if they come back at all. Note that this will only be the case in the treated area.

If you find that you have cold sores occurring in a new area, you may want to return for another appointment and another round of laser treatment in the new area.

Is Laser Treatment the Best Option Available?

While some patients have luck with cold sore creams and ointments, we feel that laser treatment is still your best bet. Here’s why:

• Laser treatment doesn’t just get rid of the cold sore, but also kills the virus that is causing the cold sore.

• The treatment takes just a few minutes and does not require anesthesia, numbing agents or skin penetration.

• You’ll feel relief from the cold sore shortly after treatment.

• The laser treatment is able to prevent breakouts before they even occur, and can also stop breakouts that are still growing.

• Your insurance company may cover the cost of cold sore treatment.

There’s more to keeping your mouth healthy than brushing and flossing regularly. Though your gums and teeth are what often get the most attention, the rest of your mouth, including your lips, should remain healthy as well. Not only are cold sores unsightly, but they’re also annoying and easily spread. With laser technology, you can get rid of cold sores quickly.

Getting Treatment for Cold Sores.

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