What Subject is Worth Hiring a Tutor

hiring a tutor

These days, there are probably over a hundred subjects offered in tutoring. From the classic math and English to more specific choice like law. If you could have all the time and all the money in the world, you can say yes to all of those tutoring, but since everything we have is limited, we have to choose. So, we ask ourselves, what subject is worth hiring a tutor for?

The Most Popular Subject

Children are not created equal, and so are subjects. Some subjects have notoriously more difficult level, such as math. Meanwhile, some others have unmeasurable result, such as art. Below are three most sought-after subjects for tutoring.

1: Math

Math is the most popular subject for tutoring. It has been considered as the most difficult subject in school, because it requires logical thinking and always have one exact answer. Basic math such as addition and substraction is simple enough, but once kids enter junior high, they’ll get introduced to algebra, and that’s where the challenge lies. After that, the lesson will only keep going more difficult.

In math tutoring, children can learn not only how to do their homework, but also hones their numerical analysis and problem solving. They’ll improve their logic as well. These skills won’t probably appear in most of job vacancy qualification, but is absolutely important in real life.

2: Foreign Language

Foreign language, including English, is another popular subject to teach. In non-English speaking country, the demand for English is especially high because speaking English is almost a must-have skill for students and workforces. Another language that is high-on-demand is Spanish and French.

Learning foreign language is worth the money you spend, because it will benefit your children even outside their academic setting. Some specific subject like Biology or Economics may help your children pass their exam at school, but unless they enter the same program in their higher education, then the knowledge they’ve gotten from tutoring will be more likely to remain dormant.

3: Science

Science, either physics, chemistry, or biology, teach conceptual knowledge. Learning them help children understand how most things work. Also, just like math, science relies heavily on problem solving. The right tutor will even help your kids to start thinking in scientific way to solve a problem, instead of just memorizing what the previous solutions are.

Science is important in many field of work later, from medical to technology and even business. Getting the basic of science right in their earlier years will help them understand more complex concept later in higher education or even in professional setting. If your kid is not really into science, tutoring is a great way to introduce him or her to it because science lessons tend to be interesting and fun.

The Most Popular Test Preparation

If you have older kids, chances are they are going to face a test (or some!) soon to continue their education further. As parents, you will want them to go face this test with the best preparation. All of the other parents think the same, and therefore some of the most on demand tutoring are for these test preparations.


Fact is, most of the best ranked universities in this world are in either Europe or US. For students outside the region to study there, they have prove to their potential university that they can speak, write, read, and understand spoken English well so they can follow the lesson. The most widely accepted proof is IELTS or TOEFL certificate. For children in non-English speaking country, taking a tutor for these two test sure are worth it investment, especially because the exam fee is not cheap.


LSAT, SAT, ACT are the most common test for university entrance, and there’s quite a number of merit-based scholarship that takes this score into account to decide on their awardee as well. Therefore, having excellent score for these two tests are quite essentials. The test measures test-takers ability in Reasoning, Reading, Math and English. Because your children will have four subjects to cover, hiring a tutor will tremendously help. Tutor can help your children plan their study time and share strategies on how to ace those tests.


A large number of graduate schools use GMAT or GRE score as admission requirement for their applicant, therefore it’s a big test for a lot of people. These two tests measure test-taker’s ability in Analytical Writing, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Analysis. Hiring tutor for GMAT or GRE will help your children in one area (or more) of the three that will be tested, where your they are weak at. GMAT or GRE tutor will also help your children to make study plan and improve their scores if they find themselves stuck in one level for some reason they don’t know.

It’s Really Not About Popularity, but About Your Kids

The subject mentioned above will give you overview about what other people need tutor from. Math, English, and Science are often perceived as the most difficult subject in school, but they also give your children logical thinking and skills that will be beneficial for them in future, way long even after school graduation. Standardized test for university entrance admission has different nature, they strive to make your children get the highest score possible in the test so they can secure their place in the best university they want.

However, again, every children needs different thing. The six mentioned above are the most common subject or test children are most worry about, but your children are maybe worried about something very different. Social studies lesson like accounting also has quite high level of difficulty, and if your children are weak in that subject compared to any other subject mentioned in this article, then it only makes sense if you hire a tutor she needs the most.

What do you think of these subjects we mentioned? Do you also think that these subjects are worth their tutoring cost, or do you have any other idea? Tell us what you think in the comment below.