In the case of Diabetes, there is a distressing rise all around the world. Doubtlessly, India is at the most accessible position with the lack of awareness among people about the dangers of the disease and also about its existence.

Some unknown Facts

Camel Milk is an expensive food that has been drunk from thousands of years ago in most of the cultures. This drink is low in fat so it seems to be healthy for a person.

The modern medical studies reveal that the camel milk is effective for many conditions related to health. It is not a kind of drug but it is a milk only.

In a camel milk, only natural elements are found. It is a whole product without adding, removing or processing the milk. It is non-homogenized and non-pasteurized as it is a healthier option with some creamy taste, full, smooth, straight in taste from the camel. The natural flavors of camel milk can be tasted directly from the farm.

How Can Camel Milk Help in Curing Diabetes?

Researchers provided that 52 units of Insulin are provided by 1litere of Camel milk. It is over the 60 per cent of external insulin administration for type 1 Diabetes.

It becomes evident that camel milk can help in balancing the insulin which deals with the sugar present in the body. The absence of Insulin causes Diabetes in a person.

How is the Taste of Camel Milk?

camel milk

It is salty in taste traced by an earthy taste. It is revitalizing and brighter than cow’s milk. This milk may seem like watery. It is only best served when it is fresh and in raw form.

Camel milk tastes just like milk only just because it is milk. It is very distinct in taste and also salty, deliciously smooth, refreshing and fulfilling. The camel milk is very light, sweet and clean results in beneficial for the health of children.

What is so Much Cool About the Camel Milk?

When you are keeping a check on the long list of benefits, you are desiring to get immersed into:

  • Vitamin C is 3 times more and iron content is 10 times higher than cow’s milk
  • Less cholesterol than cow or goat’s milk
  • Higher content of Vitamin B and unsaturated fatty acids
  • Lactose in a low quantity than cow’s milk
  • High content of immunoglobulin and mineral. An anti-body which is used by the immune system to identify the presence of bacteria and viruses and neutralize them is known as immunoglobulin.

Healthy Facts About Camel Milk

  • Can be easily digested by lactose indignant individuals
  • Excellent digestibility as camel milk do not bunch in acidic environments like stomach
  • Lesser fat content about 50% less than cow’s milk
  • Calcium rich means classic for pregnant women to promote healthy growth of the foetus
  • Ideal in disputing and can aid Osteoporosis
  • Naturally pro-biotic which assisted in the healthy growth of bacteria
  • Rich in Vitamin B and Iron
  • In use from centuries for the treatment of liver disease and studies revealed best results in the treatment of hepatitis and liver cancer
  • Supposable positive effects in the treatment of Breast Cancer

Beautiful Facts Obtained from Camel Milk

  • Gives natural protection from the sun’s rays
  • Natural properties against anti-ageing: Vitamin C, Elastin and Lanolic Acid
  • Moisturising Properties in a natural way
  • Inspire the growth of healthy bones, nails, hair, teeth, skin because of rich in mineral, vitamin and calcium
  • Skin nourishment as application and ingestion
  • Highly recommended for the treatment of dermatological diseases like Atopic Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, Acne, Seborrhoeic eczema, and other chronic disorders

Well Being Facts

  • Consumed during allergies to cow’s milk and by sufferers of lactose intolerances
  • Not known allergies of Camel Milk
  • Natural and Clean taste

Family Health

Do not coagulate with the food but it can be used in cooking for the improvement of the whole family’s health. Psychologically, it stimulates the good feeling of improving health. Suitable for Pregnant women.

Camel Milk is comparable to Human Milk making it suitable for babies and children especially for those suffering from lactose levels.

Nutritional Value of one cup of Camel Milk
  • 107 gm of Calories
  • 5.4 grams of Protein
  • 42 grams of Calories from Fat
  • 11 grams of Carbohydrates
  • 8 grams of total sugars
  • 4.6 grams of Fat
  • 3 grams of Saturated Fat
  • 1.5 grams of Mono Fat
  • 1 gram of Poly Fat
  • 140 gram of Trans Fatty Acid
  • 17 grams of Cholestrol
  • 221 grams of Water
  • 2 grams of Ash
  • 293 milligrams of Calcium
  • 0.4 milligram of Iron
  • 150 milligrams of Sodium

Some Important Things

You might have an unusual feeling at the first time of drinking milk. Some reports give the feeling of more energetic and mood improvement.

When a child drink camel milk for the very first time, gives him a better feeling for the whole night. There are not the presence of any major negative side effects when the children lowered the amount of intake.