Your search for Largest World Monkey will introduce you to the Howler Monkey. They are famous because of the loud noise. These howls can reach to five kilometers passing through high dense forest.

You can commonly find these monkeys in their nature region South and Central America. These are wild monkeys who are now generally found in zoos because of human threats. Humans have caused their habitat destruction on a large scale. Till now, there is recognition for a total of 15 species of these monkeys.

Here are some interesting facts about Howler Monkey that you must know regarding the rare species.

Anatomy and Physiology

Howler Monkey

Considering the features of the Howler monkey, they have a round nostril with short snouts. The nose has high smell power for food for up to 2 kilometers. These are the round nostrils with the presence of sensory hair.

The size ranges from 56 to 92 cm. The tail of many cases is around five times longer than the body length. They have some features similar to New World Monkeys like Prehensile tails used to have food and nuts. Both the versions of Howler Monkeys feature trichromatic shades. These have been evolved due to gene duplication of the New World Monkeys.

The most critical Howler Monkey Fun Facts include they are very friendly to humans. They feature a life span of around 15 to 20 years. The species can be either dimorphic or dichromatic.

The male version is more substantial than the female version. They can move very quickly to the top of the tree in a few minutes. They hold on a branch with two hands. The stiff tail present helps to provide support to their body.

Howler Monkey Behaviour

Howler monkeys

The behavior of an animal is an essential feature to consider, and so does for the howler monkey. These monkeys live in a group of at least six together. The presence of male species is significant, lying between one to three. However, female species are multiple.

The highest number of monkeys in one group is 15. There are mantled Howlers that even increase the group size to 20 monkeys together moving to a site. They must have at least three adult males along in their group.

It is the most frequent cause for the howler monkeys to fight among the group. However, this fight is only for a short time but can hurt each other severely. However, there is a very rare fight between the male and female species. The size of a group also varies with the location, but they follow an appropriate ratio of having four females to one male.

Howler Monkey Facts for Kids to know

For Howler Monkeys

  • How do Howler Monkeys Communicate with each other?

Howler Monkey uses their vocal to communicate with each other. It is a crucial part of showing up the social behavior of the monkeys. For making a loud noise, these monkeys use enlarged basihyal or commonly known hyoid bone.

Male species generally speak at dawn and dusk time. Also, these animals are considered to have the loudest noise-making species in the world. One can hear their vocal sound up to 4.8 kilometers.

  • Howler Monkey Diet and Feeding

Howler Monkeys are very slow-moving species. They feed on canopy leaves, buds, fruits, nuts, and flowers. However, they also make sure that they do not eat many leaves in their one sitting.

It is just to protect themselves from toxins that can harm them. Most of the time, these monkeys raid the nests of birds to consume eggs. Also, they prefer chicken coops.

  • Howler Money Relation with Humans

Howler Monkeys often feel aggressive, but the people of Argentina keep Black Howler Monkey as their pet. These species show up gentle behavior very often. Also, they do not feel angry very often. On the other hand, Capuchin Monkey is the most aggressive species.

They are not much intelligent and less liable. However, many believe that Howler Monkeys have a relationship with God. These monkeys might show a friendly nature to humans.