We have listened to eagles many times. This is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. This is also a unique species that have some great skills of hunting.
Eagles area unit one amongst the foremost necessary bird species that belongs to the family of diurnal birds of prey. As of now, a complete of sixty species of eagle is thought principally seen across the globe except on the New Sjaelland and Antarctic continent.

Eagles area unit a tricky bird that’s celebrated to survive completely different habitats like mountains, canyons, forests, open plains, and areas close to the water. The Haliaeetus leucocephalus is one amongst the species that are vulnerable as a result of environs destruction, pollution of the soil and looking however due to the conservation effort created by administration currently the species of eagle is showing signs of recovery. we are going to discuss the foremost lovely eagle species within the world.

Bird species will grow up to sixteen to thirty-nine inches long and close to zero.99 to fifteen pounds of weight. Talking concerning the looks, most of the eagle species is roofed with Gray, yellowish-brown and brown feather that produces them completely lovely.

Eagles have heavier heads and powerfully serpentine beaks as compared to the raptors. The eyes of the species-area unit giant and area unit five times additional sensitive cells within the eyes and has the flexibility to acknowledge 5 completely different colors.

Here is that the list of the loveliest eagle species in the world. These all are most beautiful and also have different qualities.

1. Golden Eagle

If you have a question in your mind that, what is the most beautiful eagle in the world. Then Golden eagle is one of the most beautiful eagles in the world. One of the foremost stunning eagle species, Golden eagles are proverbial for his or their very good flying and looking art.

The bird species is that the national image of the United Mexican States and conjointly the national treasure within us. this is often North America’s largest bird of prey which will grow up to three feet with a length of half a dozen to seven feet.

Talking concerning the looks, it’s a dark animal material with gold coloring close to the pinnacle and neck. Also, the bird species has brown eyes, a yellow beak, and talons which will grow up to three inches. The average period of species is fifteen to twenty years however they need conjointly proverbial to measure as long as thirty years.

This is a beautiful eagle in color and size. Mostly these species are found in desert and mountain areas. Its golden color makes it unique and top in the list.

2. Martial Eagle

This is considered the second most beautiful eagle species in the world. This eagle looks smaller in size but looks beautiful as all. These are mostly found in mountain areas.

Martial Eagle is that the largest species of an eagle within the African region that may grow up to 78-96 cm long and weighs roughly three to six kilo. Talking regarding the looks, it’s a dark coloration within the upper parts, head, and higher chest with a lighter border to the feathers.

The eyes of the species square measure wealthy yellow and the dark feathers may also seem achromatic, achromatic, or maybe plum-colored that depends on the lighting conditions. it’s principally seen in the geographic region and thrives in open woods and ground edges that have savannah and thornbush habitats. The average life of species is fourteen to twenty-five years within the wild.

3. Bateleur

This is also one of the beautiful and colorful eagle species. It also has some extra qualities of hunting. The reason for the beauty of this eagle is. It has a different color on different body parts, like grey, red, pink, white, etc.

Bateleur may be a medium-sized eagle species native to Africa and tiny elements of Arabia. Talking regarding the looks, it’s a black feather with chestnut mantle, gray shoulders, chromatic wing coverts, and red facial skin. the feminine species features chromatic secondary wing feathers and their area unit rare probabilities that mantle could also be white.

The species-area unit is adaptative to open grassland country and biome (thornveld) among Black Africa regions. These eagles area unit tree-nesting birds that area unit largely silent however conjointly seen creating barks and screams.

It’s carnivores and scavengers which will attack alternative species for food and can scavenge carrion. The average time is twenty-seven years within the wild.

4. Eastern Imperial Eagle

you have seen many times the most beautiful eagle pictures on different posters. some of them are Eastern Imperial Eagle. Eastern Imperial Eagle largely was seen within the regions of Southeast Europe to the West and Central Asia.

The bird species conjointly were seen in northern Russia, Northeast Asian nation, northern Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mongolia, and geographical region. It likes to reside 1800 meters higher than water level and conjointly seen flying at 3900 meters higher than water level. The Japanese Imperial Eagle spent their winters in Asian nations and favor wet areas.

These eagles are unique in shape and size both. I will grow up to seventy-two to ninety cm long and weighs roughly a pair of.45 to 4.55 kilogram wherever females eagles are one-quarter larger than males.

5. Steller’s Sea Eagle

These are mostly found in ocean areas. This is also one of the most beautiful eagles in the world. If anyone asks about, what is a most beautiful eagle? Then we can talk about this eagle. As we Steller’s ocean Eagle belongs to the family Accipitridae and was originally represented within the year 1811 by Peter Simon Pallas.

Talking regarding the looks, it’s a dark brown body covering equipped with white wings and tail, and yellow beak and talons. this is often one of all the heaviest eagles within the world which will weigh up to five to nine weight units, however, it’s but the eagle and Philippine eagle.

The species is largely seen in coastal north-eastern Asia and likes to eat fish and water birds. it’s vulnerable as per the listing from International Union for Conservation of Nature and as of currently four,000 of those eagles live there.

6. Harpy Eagle

This eagle is considered the sixth most beautiful eagle in the world. Now at this time, these are in an extended position. The Harpiaharpyja could be a raptorial bird and one of the biggest eagles within the world that may grow up to thirty-four to forty-two inches long and eight to twenty pounds of weight.

This is often largely seen in Central and South America. Talking regarding the looks, it’s a back black with a gray face and white belly. each male and females look alike. it’s an extended length with over sixty-nine to eighty-eight inches and encompasses a long tail that’s useful in navigation.

The species has glorious vision and a sense of hearing that may find prey simply. The average period of species is twenty-five to thirty-five years within the wild.

7. Rufous-bellied Hawk-Eagle

These eagle species look smaller in size but they are good hunters. Mostly these are found in forest regions. This is also one of the most beautiful eagles in the world.

Rufous-bellied Hawk-Eagle additionally called Rufous-bellied eagle is one amongst the foremost lovely eagle species principally seen within the wooded regions of tropical Asia. it was ab initio delineated as Astur Kienerii on the premise of a specimen from the Himalayas.

However, it was later stirred to the genus Lophotriorchis so once more to Hieraaetus business as “hawk-eagles”. Talking regarding the looks, the species encompasses a black hood with a brief crest and therefore the Chestnut underparts. It will grow up to forty-six to sixty-one cm and weigh roughly 732 g.

8. Bald Eagle

If we are talking about beautiful eagle species. Then how we can forget Bald Eagle. This is also one of the most beautiful eagle species in the world. You can also see many pictures of this eagle in different paintings.

The Bald Eagle is additionally one of the most important and most lovely eagle species native to North America. It seems in regions of FL and CA, to Newfoundland and Alaska. The adult one will grow up to three feet tall and weigh up to nine pounds and females square measure larger than males.

Bald eagles square measure monogamous which implies one try of eagles stays along for the remainder of their life. The average period of eagle species is twenty-eight years within the wild and up to thirty-six years in captivity. they’re additionally the national emblem of u. s. ever since 1782.

9. White-Tailed Sea Eagle


we can see many of the sea species are beautiful. As we see the name of this eagle in White-Tailed Eagle, this is also a beautiful eagle species of the world. It is a medium-sized eagle with a beautiful body structure. The white-Tailed ocean Eagle is one among the foremost stunning eagle species largely seen in the temperate continent.

Like alternative eagle species, it conjointly belongs to the bird family that conjointly includes hawks, kites, and harriers. it’s conjointly referred to as gray ocean eagle or Eurasian ocean eagle and prefers areas of coastal brine areas and upcountry fresh, together with wetlands, lakes, bogs, and rivers. one among the powerful apex predators is additionally associate degree opportunist scavenger that principally subsiding on fish and birds.

10. Bateleur African Eagle

This is an African eagle species mostly found in rainy areas. This is also considered in the list of the most beautiful eagle in the world. If we talk about these eagles we can found many interesting facts. As we have talked below something about this species.

Bateleur could be a medium-sized eagle species with the nearest relative area unit to the snake eagles. it’s conjointly thought of to be the origin of the “Zimbabwe Bird” and also the national emblem of Zimbabwe. The species is endemic to the continent and a few components of Arabia.

The average size of eagle species is fifty-five to seventy cm (22 to twenty-eight in) long with an one86 cm (6 linear unit 1 in) wingspread. The distribution of the bird species is across Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Asian country, Yemen, shelter d’Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania.

11. Greater spotted eagle

This is also one of the most beautiful eagles in the world. As we have read about this eagle we know that this is also a clever eagle more than others. Greater spotted eagle is additionally referred to as the noticed eagle may be a giant bird of prey that belongs to the family Accipitridae.

Scientifically referred to as ever-changing the eagle species will become older to fifty-nine to seventy-one cm long in conjunction with a distance of 157 to 179 cm. The garage weight of the eagle species is one.6 to 2.5 kg, however, there are square measure instances wherever a giant feminine noticed eagle has been known with weight three.2 kg.

Talking concerning the looks, Head and wing coverts square measure dark brown in conjunction with brown body covering and wing coverts. The species largely breed from geographic region eastward across Eurasia, and winters in south-eastern Europe, north-eastern continent, the center East and also the Indian landmass. The diet includes tiny mammals and similar, primarily terrestrial, prey.

12. Tawny Eagle

This bird is also considered in the list of the most beautiful eagle species in the world. If we talk about this eagle then we can see some most beautiful pictures of the eagle. The bird of Jove is additionally one among the foremost lovely eagle species seen within the regions of the north and south of the desert.

The eagle species will grow up to sixty-five to seventy-two centimeters long and weighs around one.6 to 2.4 kilograms. The length is more or less one.72 to 1.85 meters, however, feminine species is larger than males however similar in look. Talking concerning the looks, it’s a chromatic colored higher half alongside black flight feathers and a paler lower backspace.

It may be known with light-colored stripes on its wings. It likes to thrive in deserts, steppes, open grasslands, savannas, and mountainous regions and its diet includes smaller birds, rabbits, and little reptiles together with lizards and snakes.

13. Crested serpent eagle

This is also one of the most beautiful eagles in the world. The beauty of this eagle is defined by its size and body looks. Crested serpent eagle is medium-sized birds of prey seen within the wooded habitats across tropical Asia and that they are widespread within the areas of Indian landmass, Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Talking concerning the looks, they need an outsized head in conjunction with long feathers on the rear of the top giving them a crested look and therefore the name. The face of the species is vacant and yellow in conjunction with powerful feet.

The apex predators area unit at the highest of the organic phenomenon and hold a decent half in maintaining the system and management of snake populations and conjointly those of alternative little mammals and reptiles.

14. Bonelli’s Eagle

When we talk about beautiful eagles then this eagle species also come on that list. This is also a beautiful eagle and also an amazing eagle species. Bonelli’s Eagle is principally seen in southern Europe, Africa each north and south of the Sahara. It prefers to thrive in savannah, forest edges, cultivation, and scrub provided their area unit some giant trees.

It will grow up to fifty-five to sixty-five cm long and it’s a resident stock breeder that lays 1-3 eggs in a very tree or drop-off nest. Talking regarding the looks, the underparts area unit is dark brown, and therefore the under surface is white with dark streaks. they need an extended tail that is Gray on prime and white below beside the broad black terminal band. The diet includes live prey like mammals or birds.

15. Philippian Eagle

Philippian Eagle is additionally one of the most important eagle species within the world in terms of length and wing surface. It will grow up to eight6 to 102 cm long and four to eight weight units in weight. The average period of species is thirty to sixty years within the wild.

Talking regarding the looks, it’s a dark face and a creamy-brown back end and crown, the rear is dark brown however the side and underwings area unit white. it’s native to the Philippines and happens in four islands like jap island, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao.


This is one of the lists of the most beautiful eagle in the world. As we can see there are more than 200 families of eagles. All these are founded in different areas. Here we have talked about the most beautiful eagle in the world. If we see in different religions then we can say that. Eagle is also considered as the vehicle of Brahma. And also worshiped in different religions.