Earth is full of wild animals that vary in size and appearance. Many animals look scary and they also pose a great threat to humans. But this raises the question of what is the scariest animal in the world?

The parameters for defining what is scary can vary from one person to the other. Sometimes it can be the looks of an animal and sometimes it can be just how deadly it can be. For many people, the common answer would be tigers, lions, snakes, and such.

While these animals are certainly powerful and scary but there are some more obscure animals which will make you want to stay away from them as far as possible. These are:

1. Black Mamba

Black Mamba

When it comes to snakes, nothing strikes more fear in the hearts of people than the black mamba. Its venom is predominantly neurotoxic and the symptoms become apparent within ten minutes. Without anti-venom, it will lead to respiratory failure and then to cardiovascular collapse. Ultimately it will lead to death. The only ray of hope is that the black mamba attacks only when it is threatened or cornered.

2. Goblin Sharks

Goblin Sharks

Goblin Sharks come with 30 rows of sharp teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. They grow to 20 feet and stay in waters greater than 330 feet. So the chances of you encountering one are slim but looking at one will surely result in nightmares.

3. Humboldt Squid

The Humboldt squid or the jumbo squid resides at great oceanic depths. Their interactions with humans are very rare but it can happen and when it does then it can be really scary. Take this example- In the sea of Cortez, Mexico, a Humboldt Squid once grasped a diver by the din and pulled him down while another grabbed his head.

He fought them off but another wrapped its tentacles all around his chest and face. Thankfully he lived to tell his tale since he was let go by the animals. He made it to the surface, dazed and with blood oozing from his neck.

4. Box Jellyfish

If there’s a list of the most venomous marine animal then the box jellyfish will rank at the top. It features tentacles that are covered in something called nematocysts. These are tiny darts loaded with poison. In Australia, this animal stands at the number on in the list of animal caused deaths amongst humans.

5. Scorpion

There are more than a thousand species of scorpions that have a deadly sting. But only 40 of them are deadly to humans. One study found out that for every person who gets killed by a poisonous snake, a poisonous scorpion kills ten. Scorpion stings take place 1.2 million times every year which results in 3,250 deaths. So watch where you step.

6. Golden Poison Frog

The golden poison frog is a tiny little frog that can kill humans with ease. This type of frog is one of the varieties of poison dart frogs found in South and Central American rain forests. They contain enough toxins to kill ten grown men.

Indigenous tribes in Colombia use the frogs’ secreted venom to lace arrow tips for hunting. While their size might not be intimidating but their ability to secrete such a potent poison is enough to make them very scary.

7. Aye-Aye

This creature is the largest nocturnal primate in the world and also the only primate which makes use of echolocation. While its name can sound funny to many but with its large ears, creepy fingers, and eyes which glow in the dark, it can look quite scary.

This animal ranges from 14 to 17 inches and weighs 4 to 6 pounds. While it is small but it looks like the prototype for a gremlin. Its large ears and eyes are glow in the dark combined with the weird long fingers are enough to freak people out. Although the good news is that they live on a diet of fruits, seeds, larvae, insects, and such.

8. Naked Mole Rat

People who have watched Kim Possible certainly won’t think of a naked mole-rat as a scary creature. But in reality, these creatures look quite different and not quite so cuddly as seen in that cartoon. It is pink and has no fur of any kind.

It is also just around 5.1 inches long. So this animal scurrying around can be quite scary and is enough to make anyone squeamish. Although humans don’t need to fear it since its diet just consists of tubers and roots.

9. Cape Buffalo

Buffaloes are herbivores and their eating habits are certainly not their scary features. It’s their enormous size and aggressive behavior. This combined with its huge curving horns that can span for up to four feet makes the animal a tank that can charge anytime it wants. It can weigh nearly a ton and when it’s angry it can charge with force. It’s estimated that around 200 people die every year from Cape Buffalo attacks.

10. Star-nosed Mole

There’s nothing scarier than having tentacles on the face. Now combine that with huge claws and you have got a star-nosed mole. It is a small and terrifying creature that looks like something from an alien planet.

The reason it is named as the star-nosed mole is that it has 22 pink tentacles coming out of its face in the shape of a star. Their claws are shovel-like and they can eat faster than any other earthling mammal. But you don’t need to worry. These creatures are really small and eat only insects.

11. Hippopotamus

Watching hippos lazing around in a water body is a familiar scene in any wildlife show on Nat Geo but the hippo is the most dangerous land mammal. It alone kills around 500 people each year in Africa.

It is highly aggressive and doesn’t like intruders. The thing which makes the hippo a thing to be scared of is its enormous weight, gaping mouth, and huge teeth. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it will be a slow animal due to its weight. Hippos are very quick. These are animals to watch out for.