Dogs and human friendship goes beyond ages, and they are among the first animal-human interactions recorded in history. Though coming from the ancestry line of wolfs, domestic dogs have transformed themselves to such an extent that now they are humans best friends.

They have taken a significant spot in our life and have become like family members. Not only are they adorable and a faithful friend to trust blindly and to play with, but they are also serving humans in many wondrous ways.

From DEA to Bomb squads and other government agencies, dogs have made a respectable position in quite remarkable places.

With these many years of association and friendship, you may think you know a lot about your four-legged buddy, and that is right, but there are things you may never know of.

There is a lot of something exclusive and shocking about your pet, some of which are listed below.

Surprising Facts About Dogs


1. Dogs’ eyes can pop out:

You might have heard about dogs’ eyes popping out of their sockets and may have ignored it, thinking it’s a myth, but it is true. Proptosis is the term used for this condition and is common in brachycephalic breeds of dogs, which are Pugs, Boston terriers, and French bulldog.

Proptosis can happen if extensive pressure is applied to their throat. To save your dog from this condition, vets and experts suggest Dog Harness instead of collars for your dog. A harness also helps to provide extra support and control on your enthusiastic pet as it discourages excess pulling and pressure on the dog.

2. Dalmatians are more prone to deafness:

According to studies, the Dalmatian breed of dogs is more susceptible to being deaf from one or both ears. This condition occurs because of the lower density of melanocytes (cells producing melanin) in the inner part of Dalmatian’s ears.

There are studies that also suggest that Dalmatians with blue eyes are more prone to this problem in comparison to brown eyes; reasons for this are still unknown.

3. Dogs have better ears:

According to an article, the hearing power of dogs is much better than humans. Dogs can hear in the frequency range of 60 – 45000 Hz, where the best hearing frequency for them is 8000 Hz, whereas the hearing range for humans is 20 – 20000Hz, where the best hearing frequency is 2000 Hz. With this almost doubled hearing range, dogs can hear high pitched sounds better than humans.

4. Dogs whiskers are a sense organ:

Dog whiskers present at different places like above the eyelids, on the cheeks and below the jaw may look useless, but these play an essential role for your dogs, they are a sense organ. They contain nerve cells in them that deliver necessary information to the brain to react accordingly. They also help your pet to go efficiently in low light areas by providing them essential sensory details.

5. Dogs have excellent smelling capability:

According to the studies, dogs have a very well developed sense of smell. They are somewhere 1000 to 10 million times better in smelling than human beings; this is the reason they are so much efficient in DEA and Bomb squads.

Some studies also suggest that dogs can feel feelings; it means they can sense if you are sad, frustrated, anxious, happy, or going through any other emotion. The nose of dogs is always moist; this helps them absorb smells from scent chemicals.

Newly born puppies are deaf and blind at the time of birth; at that time, they can detect heat sensations from their noses to find their mother.

6. Dogs are used for therapy:

Dogs are used for treatment for many different conditions like hypertension, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. While petting a dog, both dogs, as well as humans, release oxytocin (The love hormone), which helps in the healing process.

So therapy dogs are sent to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and offices for treatment purposes. There are dogs for other medical requirements, too, like disabilities, which are called service dogs; they help individuals with disabilities like blindness, mobility difficulties, etc. In the U.S.A, they are recognized as essential medical equipment.

7. Dogs are great learners:

Not only adorable, but dogs are also great learners, according to experts, dogs can learn up to 1000 words and react to them differently. Some experts believe that a dog is as intelligent as a two-year human child.

Apart from learning the human language, they can learn many different things, stray dogs in Russia have been known to board confusing subway systems with ease and reach their designated stops in search of food.



These are some of the many interesting facts regarding your four-legged buddy. There are many more interesting, informative, and fun facts regarding your pet, which you can read.

There are many things still unknown about our four-legged friends, which you can find out by observing your pet while spending time with your pet.