Taking care of your dear friends as they grow and reach their senior years requires more understanding and patience. Here are a few common conditions and ways to help them take it easy during their twilight years.

Increased Frequency of Visits to the Vet

An older dog’s health can be subject to vagaries and fluctuate more rapidly than in their younger years. While it’s recommended to take dogs to the veterinary clinic in your area about every six months for a physical checkup, for older dogs more frequent consultations might be in order. The vet will have to keep an eye out for dental issues, any symptoms of arthritis, liver or kidney disease that may develop into a serious problem later on.

Safety-Proofing the Living Space

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It’s natural for older dogs to suffer from declining capacities in terms of eyesight, hearing and movement as they age. So it would be a good idea to ensure that their living space is made safe.

Slick or smooth floors and stairs can be difficult for older pets to navigate. It would be a good idea to put a couple of rugs on slick floors so that it becomes easier for older dogs to find their footing. If you do not feel confident of your dog making it up or down steps, its better to confine him to an enclosed space when you’re not home.

For pet dogs kept outside the home in kennels, they should be provided increased protection from the weather. A covered corner for respite from the heat or a shaded doggie pool to help them cool off during warmer climes is highly recommended.

Dogs who start to lose their hearing, tend to get fidgety. One should try their best not to scare or startle them when they are sleeping. One easy way to wake them up or alert them to your presence is to tap the surface – floor or bed – that they are sleeping on so that they feel you through the vibration instead of touch or sound.

More Exercise

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It’s important for older pets to have regular exercise, but the time and routine depends upon the age, breed and physical condition of your dog. A pet’s aging body tends to lose strength, balance, muscle tone and fluid movement in the absence of regular exercise. In this condition, regular walks and healing therapies like massage can provide relief. While shorter, frequent walks can assist heart health, massages can help relieve sore muscles and joints, as well as body aches and pains. In addition, specifically designed exercise routines can help aging pets retain their strength and flexibility.

Doggie Toilet

Older pets tend to have trouble holding their bladder or bowels. Making sure that your dog gets outdoors more frequently – not just outings to the local dog wash – can provide an easy solution to this. In the case of younger dogs, the pet could be made to felt to “be in trouble” for relieving themselves indoors, but with age it could signify an underlying medical issue.

However, if the problem persists, it’s best to take them for a visit to the vet to make sure that there is no serious medical concern. You can visit here for your dog care: https://icleandogwash.com