The youngest professional pickleball player to hold the top spot is Anna Leigh Waters. She has achieved incredible success and has accumulated a substantial net worth of around 1.4 million dollars. Waters is a very skilled professional pickleball player from the United States who is just 16 years old. For her age, she is acknowledged as a superb pickleball player.

As to the Professional Pickleball Association, Waters has the top spot in the global rankings for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competition. She’s taken the top spots in each of the three categories.

Anna Leigh Wiki

January 26, 2007 saw the birth of the famous pickelball player, Anna Leigh Waters. At 12, she became the world’s youngest professional pickleball player. When Leigh was ten years old, her grandpa, who resided in Allentown, Pennsylvania, near several pickleball courts, introduced her to the game. She was immediately enthralled with this fast-paced game and found that she had a knack for it. She started competing in singles and doubles matches alongside her mother and other gifted players in the neighborhood.

Anna Leigh Waters, a 16-year-old native of Florida, is becoming quite the name in the pickleball world. As the youngest pickleball player, she makes history with her outstanding accomplishments and commitment to the game.

Name Anna Leigh Waters
Date of Birth January 26, 2007
Age 16 years old
Place of Birth Delray Beach, Florida, USA
Nationality American
Profession Pickleball Player
Height 5 feet and 6 inches

Personal life

anna leigh waters family

Pickleball player Anna Leigh Waters is from the United States. In Delray Beach, Florida, USA, She was born and raised. Given that she was raised in an athletic household and that her mother, Leigh Waters, plays pickleball, She has always loved sports. When Hurricane Irma hit in 2017, Anna Leigh and her family evacuated to her grandfather’s home in Pennsylvania to wait it out. She took up the passion of pickleball playing at her grandfather’s place.

In the year 2019, at just 12 years of age, she became the youngest professional pickleball player in history due to her exceptional pickleball skills. In addition to pickleball, Anna is an excellent soccer player, though she has no plans to pursue a professional career. Her pickleball game is her primary emphasis. Anna uses social media extensively as well. She uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter often.


She is the maternal granddaughter of a former Cubs draft pick (Grandpa Neil Eichelberger) and the daughter of a former University of South Carolina tennis player (mom, Leigh) and former Gamecocks golfer (dad, Stephen). She was raised in Delray Beach, Florida, a bustling metropolis. But when Hurricane Irma landed in their neighborhood in 2017, their lives changed unexpectedly.

Anna and her family briefly took shelter with her grandparents in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to escape the storm. Pickleball was a new activity for Anna and her mother while they lived in Allentown. They started playing together because they were fascinated by the game and soon became passionate about it.

Neil and Ann Eichelberger, her maternal grandparents, have always been involved in her life and have encouraged her at every turn. Waters’ grandma homeschools her. Anna plans to postpone attending college to focus on her pickleball career.

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth, Income, Car, Achievements and Brand Endorsements

Anna Leigh’s Net Worth $1.4 million
Anna Leigh Waters Salary $1 million for the year 2023
Sources of her income
  • Prize money from her matches
  • Brand Endorsements
  • Sponsorships
Car A Range Rover priced between Rs 2.39-4.17 Cr

Anna Leigh’s Net Worth

Anna Leigh, as you know it, is an established player in the sport. This is why she makes good money as she is exceptionally skilled at the game. It has been estimated that her net worth is approximately $1.4 million. Her supremacy and stellar pickelball skills have made her the center of attention. She has won a good number of gold, silver, and bronze medals as a mixed, single, and double player.

Her Income

Based on the estimates, Sports Illustrated estimates that she will earn almost $1 million in 2023. However, it is important to note that it is very hard to estimate precisely the actual net worth of a “rising” star as his/her earnings may be based on other sources, such as the prize money, commission fees from the firms associated with him or her. As time passes, Anna’s prestige, skills, and net worth will keep expanding.

To Forbes 30 under 30

In 2013, Forbes listed Anna Leigh Waters as one of the 30 young people below the age of thirty to watch out for. She is number one on women’s singles and mixed doubles. She did it so well that at 16 years old; she became part of that list. Even more amazing is the fact that she keeps getting better each year.

Anna Leigh Achievements

anna leigh waters achievements

Her skills enabled her to win many games and thus she stood out amongst others in her pickleball performance last year. She captured Orlando’s National Cup doubles. The Newport Beach Showcase and the Margaritaville USA Pickleball Nationals Championship added more trophies to that pile.

In 2022, Anna Leigh’s mother and she participated in the first-ever National Pickleball match that CBS Sports broadcast live. They defeated Lucy Kovalowa and Callie Smith in Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles and won the Skechers Invitational summer title.

Brand Endorsements

Waters was added to the list of “Forbes 30 under 30” for sports in 2023. Anna Leigh’s name has great significance as far as brand value is concerned.

The top fila sportswear brand and paddle maker, Paddletek, supports Anna. She is supplied with top-grade gear and jerseys by this firm. Nonetheless, she can stock up on bespoke rackets from Paddletek. By February 10, 2023, Waters renewed its partnering business line with Paddletek.

In addition, Lock Laces, a company widely revered for its unique shoe-tying method, also supports Waters. This proves helpful, as her laces would remain intact throughout her game, and she wouldn’t have to worry about them coming loose.

Her Car

Carvana gifted her a Range Rover valued between Rs 2.39- 4.17Cr or $287- $500K. Carvana is a platform for car buying and selling over the internet, it’s a game changer. They presented her with her dream car for her 16th birthday.


Anna Leigh is all set to pursue her passion for pickleball as her career. Although she is still too young, that doesn’t stop her from contributing her best efforts for the game. Participating in a number of matches has proven her talent and skills.

In 2019, She won the Junior Nationals and secured the gold medal. It is one of the USA’s renowned youth pickleball tournaments. Her back to back success at every game proved her to be the new shining star in the field of pickleball. Her abilities are admired by her fans as well as her critics.

She also won some other tournaments which occurred during the year 2021. She won the gold after partnering with Jack Sock, an 8th-ranked tennis player in the world. They claimed their victory during the PPC North Carolina Open competition in May 2023.


Anna Leigh Waters’ Net Worth?
Ans:- The net worth of Anna Leigh Waters is $1.4 million.

What is Anna Leigh Waters’ age?
Ans:- Anna Leigh Waters is currently 16 years old.

Does Anna Leigh Waters go to school?
Ans:- Waters’ grandma homeschools her, and Leigh has said that she would delay college to focus on her pickleball career.

Which paddle is used by Anna Leigh Waters?
Ans:- Anna uses Paddletek Pickleball’s Bantam TS-5 paddle.

What is the number of gold medals held by Anna Leigh Waters?
Ans:- She has 4 PPA Triple Crowns, 6 USAPA Nationals gold medals, and 6 U.S. Open gold medals.