Pulling off the work-life balance ethic can be quite difficult as both job-related and personal responsibilities have a way of piling up. Sometimes you even get the feeling that as soon as one task is finally finished, two come to take its place — and both equally urgent.

As a result, most house chores are left on the backburner as you try to juggle multiple priorities. This piling up of housework may lead you to consider entrusting certain tasks to a cleaning service. But before you hand over the care of your home to a stranger, how do you ensure that you end up with a professional cleaner?

Cleaning companies are not created equal.

Not every company can meet your needs and expectations, that’s why it’s crucial to do a bit of research. To make sure you hire a service worth the price you’ll be paying, and the trust you will be giving, here are key factors to consider:

1. Reputation

Considering a cleaning company with a good reputation is a great start. Do some investigating yourself by asking for references or checking online reviews. You can also ask friends, family or neighbors who have used a cleaning service before for any recommendations.

A cleaning service that provides good quality outcomes will always have references. Check ratings or comments from previous customers so that you can get an idea of what the company and its staff are like.

2. Cleaning tools

No cleaning tasks will be done right without the proper tools and materials on hand. Find out what cleaning tools the service provider will be using in your home. A professional cleaning company will know what to use on a silicate carpet, hardwood, stone, or tiles.

You also have to clarify whether the company will provide the cleaning supplies and tools. It is usually better if they can provide or bring their own, as it’s safer to not have these around your house in case there are children or pets in your residence.

3. Flexibility

House cleaning needs vary that’s why it’s important that the company has a ready solution for every homeowner’s concerns. A cleaning company that can cater to all of your house cleaning needs is a much better choice than a cleaning company that only specializes in one area or two.

For example, aside from the usual cleaning up and decluttering, there may be times when you’ll need carpet deep cleaning as well as someone to do the windows and the attic. A good cleaning service will have people on hand to do these things for you, too.

4. Price

Make sure to consider the cost of the cleaning service before hiring. It’s smart to compare quotes from different cleaning companies and pick one that is reasonably priced.

Consider the following questions when getting a quote:

  • How much will they charge?
  • Will they give an invoice or can they set up a direct debit to deduct payments automatically?
  • Do they charge per house, per room, or on an hourly basis?

Keep in mind that it’s not always the best idea to go with the cheapest quote. Instead, choose a company that you think will give you the highest quality service.

5. Payment options

Cash or credit? Monthly payment or after every visit?

Cleaning an entire home means a huge amount of work, so make sure that the company will let you know early on about when and how you can make payments.

For your convenience, the company should provide several payment options that will fit your needs as well.

6. Bonding and insurance

Accidents can happen at any time. To protect yourself and your possessions from unexpected events, make sure your chosen cleaning service is bonded and has insurance. Bonding will cover any broken household items or if something happens to go missing. Remember to check the company policy and coverage before signing up.

The insurance will cover accidents that may result in the injury of the housekeeper while he or she is cleaning your home. It’s good to check ahead of time if the cleaning service has its own liability insurance to cover any such incidents.

7. Commitment to customer satisfaction

A good company should have an unwavering commitment to providing great customer service. This means you can depend on their cleaning service to give you the best results. Consistently good results and rejecting opportunities to cut corners is a sign of a decent and committed company with professional staff.

A professional cleaning service understands that it takes a lot of effort to win a customer’s trust. Therefore, they won’t risk losing it over complacency and mediocre service.

It’s tough trying to do everything on your own.

By hiring a cleaning service that has the tools and expertise, you can save yourself time and effort as well as from the stress of maintaining a clean home.

Instead of sweeping the floor and wiping off some dust, you can take your time to relax and bond with your friends and family, or work on what requires your attention the most.

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