Burgundy region is found in the eastern part of France. A lot of people in the world are not familiar with the taste of wines from Burgundy due to the perception that it is quite expensive.

However, their popularity being quite high in the world makes all of us wonder about them. Let us read ahead to find out some intriguing facts about their nature.

There are varieties of Red and White Grapes

When it comes to the red wine, the most famous origin of the Burgundy Red appears to be the Pinot Noir grapes. The moment anyone familiar with the wines grown in Burgundy hears about red wine, their mind generally thinks about these grapes as the source.

However, besides the fact that Pinot Noir grapes dominate the red wine manufacture from Burgundy, there are other grapes as well that assume a similar role.

One of them is Gamay, which tastes similar to that of a blend of cherries, raspberries, and banana. Another would be Bourgogne Passe-Tout-Grains that is a red wine prepared by combining Gamay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay.

Likewise, Chardonnay is undoubtedly the most popular white grape from Burgundy. Although, it is not the only source of the production of white wine there.

Aligote is one such example of the grape that turns into a fine, light, and young white wine. It is quite soothing to the taste buds and deserves to see access to the most coveted terroir in Burgundy.

Burgundy makes more White Wine than Red Wine

Contrary to the popular belief of Burgundy producing red wine almost predominantly, white wine makes up for the maximum percentage of the wine production in this region of France. Chardonnay grapes account for the highest percentage of the origin of wines, followed by that of Pinot Noir.

As per an article, Pinot Noir contributes 31.5% to the overall wine produced in Burgundy and Chardonnay stands at a whopping 55%. The other wines include Gamay, accounting to 5%, Aligote at 8%, and other 0.5% includes the rose and sparkling wine. Speaking of the rose flavor, its enthusiasts can revel in the hard cider collection of Angry Orchard.

Thus, Burgundy produces not only red and white wines but a small percentage of other kinds of wines too. Crémant de Bourgogne, a sparkling wine, is one such wine. The statistics also show that the majority of wine from Burgundy owes its origin to the grapes of Chardonnay.

Inland consumption of France is higher than Exports

One may wonder that these classy wines shall be sent out to other countries for exports in bulk. This is only logical, given the fact that the Burgundy wines are high-quality and unmatchable when it comes to the experience.

Hence, it is true that these wines are sold across the world. In fact, an article suggests that the wine from Burgundy represents about 3.5% of wine exported across the world.

However, there is one thing that might come off as a surprise for you. The amount of consumption of wines from Burgundy is lesser by the world combined together, than by one country of France itself.

This shows the admiration French people hold for the wines prepared at their homeland. When it comes to the facts, 55% of Burgundians are consumed within France and the rest is exported to other countries across the globe according to the article above.

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The terroir of Burgundy compliments the production of Wine

Terroir is a French word that means an environment in which the production of a particular wine takes place and includes factors such as the soil, climate, and topography.

The region where Burgundy stands today was submerged under a shallow sea over a period of millions of years ago. A wide range of creatures existed in that sea, which had hard shells rich in calcium.

With the disappearance of the sea, the calcium underwent the process of fossilization. This turned the soil of the region into a milestone marl terroir.

There are a number of vineyards that exist in Burgundy. These vineyards produce wines, albeit each one of them shows a little difference in the end product produced by them, from each other.

The terroir plays a huge role in that, which is not consistent throughout the region as popularly believed. A vineyard may produce a wine which is entirely different from the wine produced by another in character, despite the fact that they may just be within the range of a mile. This shows the importance and the influence of the terroir in the quality of the production of wine.

Burgundy produces limited Wine

Despite the surge in popularity Burgundy has seen for its wine over the years and generations, it does not produce a lot of it. According to an article, Burgundy accounts for just about 3% of the total wine production of France.

This makes the demand higher than the supply of the Burgundians, leading to the rise in prices and increasing expenses. The other places in France that make wine are Bordeaux, Rhine Valley, Cassis, Chinon, Provence, and Collioure.

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The prices of Burgundy wines have actually surged past than those of Bordeaux wines in recent years. This happened amid a gradual fall in the prices of the latter. However, the wines from Bordeaux are presently undergoing a rebound and are seeing an increase in their worth once again.

Be it any place, red wines are extremely good for health and are good for regular indulgences. A study found out that there is a direct relationship between the improvement of cardiovascular health and the consumption of red wine.

It owes a lot of health benefits attached to it due to the presence of an antioxidant, known as resveratrol. Besides, red wine helps manage cholesterol and bolsters the immune system.

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The art of making the wine is being passed down over the generations in Burgundy and is clearly documented for the future descendants.

The beauty of these wines cannot really be trapped in a string of words. One needs to experience the high of it to gauge its quality.

These amazing facts about them shall further your interest in the Burgundians. Hence, lay your hands on them and become one of the privileged class to get a hang of it.