Every day, we may experience heavy traffic, especially during rush hours. Sometimes we get bored and even lose our temper. So, how about putting a bobblehead in your car. Bobbleheads are quite amusing artwork. It is both an exciting and entertaining decor.

Here, we have listed a few Australian-themed bobbleheads you can add up to your collection or only for your car:

Koalas and Kangaroos

Australia is popular for so many things and is well known to be a country with unique animals. The most famous animals are koalas and kangaroos. Generally in a bobblehead, it is the head that bobbles or nods that makes it fun.

To make it even more fun, what if the whole-body bows but except its feet, as it shall remain as its support. Imagine how a kangaroo moves to another place; it hops. Now, imagine a kangaroo bobblehead with its whole-body bobbling like hopping in your car.

How about a koala bobblehead? Koalas are known to be tree huggers, and interestingly, they do these as a cooling mechanism. For an entertaining and unique koala-themed bobblehead, the head of the koala would still be the one bobbling, but the body will then be attached to something stable.

The koala will then look like it is hugging from a tree. If it is for décor in a car, it may be embracing the rear-view mirror of the vehicle or any parts of it will do. You could also consider this to be a unique type of bobblehead collection.

Sydney Opera House

It is Australia’s most iconic place and a perfect destination for tourists. Aside from bobbleheads that are usually a person or an animal, would it still be interesting if it were a building or a house?

The outcome being, the roof structure of the Opera House is at the end of the bobblehead spring, and the rest of it would be its base.

Since concerts were also held in the most famous Opera House, the bobbling will appear like the roof are lifting due to the energetic concert goers. This can be a unique addition to your collection as well.


Australia is also known to have countless beaches. They have the best surf spots, which eventually gave rise to surfing tournaments that are held at least annually. It has become one of the sports Australians and tourists look forward to. Also, the country designs and manufactures surfboards.

So, if surfboards would be designed into a bobblehead, how should it be? The waters could be the support of its base, and the surfboard together with the surfer will be the head and the one that bobbles. When put inside your car, it will look bobbling like surfing as the vehicle is moving.

Other fun Australian-themed bobbleheads could also be some of the most famous Hollywood actors like Heath Ledger who portrayed the Joker. It could also be a bobblehead out of spider as Australia is also known for its massive spiders. A web being its base and the whole of spider would be the nodding head.