Traveling to a new city is certainly exciting. No matter if you are visiting friends and family or as a tourist, and even for business purposes, the new city promises immense opportunities. This holds especially true for Chennai, the largest metropolitan city in southern India.

Daily, tens of thousands of people travel by train and flights to Chennai. The huge business opportunities and the wide range of tourist attractions bring thousands of people to the city every day. It is a great opportunity for such people to choose self-drive cars in Chennai for traveling within and outside the city.

Why choosing self-drive cars in Chennai is a great idea

Here are several top reasons that show why self-drive cars in Chennai are a great idea:

1 – Experiments with an Automatic Car

If you are used to driving a manual shift car, choosing self-drive cars in Chennai gives you an incredible opportunity to try your driving skills with an automatic shift car. This is an excellent chance to see how you like the ease of automatic cars.

2 – Hire a Hybrid Car

Same as driving an automatic car for the first time, choosing to take self-drive cars in Chennai is also a great opportunity to minimize your carbon footprint. Hybrid cars are renowned for their clean fuels and lack of considerable pollution. So, why not be an eco-friendly traveler and drive around Chennai in a hybrid instead?

3 – Choose a car according to the situation

There is a large range of cars available with the self-drive car agencies in Chennai. From large SUVs, 4x4s, crossovers, and even vans for large families and groups, there is a large range of smaller and most fuel-efficient choices to rent. Some of the most commonly chosen self-drive cars in Chennai include:

  • Cars for business purpose – When you want to leave an excellent first impression on your client, why not arrive in a spanking, new premium sedan? You can choose from a large range of luxury cars at Indusgo, the top car rental company in Chennai.
  • Cars for families – Major car rental companies offer cars that easily seat up to 3 children comfortably in the back seat. A long road trip becomes fun and easy when you and your family are comfortable in your luxury car seats.
  • Cars for tourists – When visiting the south Indian city with a large group of friends or colleagues, choosing self-drive cars in Chennai is an excellent choice. You can easily choose one of the more comfortable and larger SUVs for rent and ensure that your trip to Chennai is memorable and comfortable in the best possible way.

Traveling experts highly recommend choosing self-drive cars in Chennai instead of using public transportation like buses, trains, or taxis. With a rental car, you can not only avoid the crowded buses and trains but can travel in style. It is incredibly convenient, inexpensive, and easy to use self-drive cars in Chennai.