There is a move toward designer products in every field. Be it vehicles, houses, shoes, clothes, etc. The reason being the attraction & attention it draws. Simple living has become a myth. The aim is to look modern and stylish. The choices of outfits are the best way to convey their style. The senses associated with dressing have changed. We are becoming carefree.

At first, we used to think, what others might assume about our characters if we wear something that is not typical. But those days are long gone. Now, we wear what we like, and we choose our style, not society. Besides, living and dressing by others’ choices is the equivalent of being caged. Freedom in Design is the new motto.

Be it any gender, today’s current generation is not asking for bits of advice related to their clothes. Be it shirts, skirts, tops, gowns, sarees, they are all customized as per the customer’s needs. Fashion designing has taught us many valuable insights, about our daily culture. Dresses designed by Fabcurate have been meticulously created to meet high standards and reach the target audience.

1. Camouflage prints

Classic prints have gained popularity due to their appearance. When worn it gives a feeling of pride. When styled correctly, camo has a truly captivating personality. These fabrics stand out because of their prints, as they are very distinctive. Regular Camo outfits consist of dresses, tops, tees, pants, shirts, jackets, and trousers.

2. Floral prints

Despite being simple, these are creative. One rarely finds a wardrobe without some sort of fabric displaying floral prints. Their perspective gives a botanic approach to the personality. Floral prints are widely used in our culture because they compliment most dresses, sarees, tops, and many more. Whatever the occasion, floral prints are common.

3. Social Media Prints

When you leave home, don’t leave your social media behind. Put it on your clothes and carry it with you. You can print all your favorite apps, such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat, using the digital print technique. Maintains your cool look while keeping you current. They’re perfect for holiday wear and casual wear. Shirts, jackets, scarves, bandanas, pillows, and more can be customized.

4. Halloween prints

Despite Halloween being celebrated in western countries, other continents have appreciated it as well. Ghosts, spiders, skeletons, and pumpkins are some of the trendy and scary prints you will find in this collection. Rather than using light fabric, the prints are enhanced by a dark fabric, in order to create a more realistic look.

5. Map prints

Show off your love of travel with these beautiful map prints. You can become the focus of attention around you by getting funky. Customize your shirts, pants, and tops and feel like you’re carrying the world with you. Butter crepe fabric will enhance the prints, and the material will be wrinkle-free to ensure that the designs will remain crisp and clear.

Due to its ability to prioritize customer preferences, digital printing has become widely renowned. Create your design, and it will appear on your fabric. As a result, customers get the freedom to express themselves creatively and spread positivity around them.