Canadian millionaire and entrepreneur Lawrence Stroll is well-known in both business and motorsport. With his substantial wealth, accomplished profession, and love of racing, Stroll has established himself as a visionary and significant figure.

This post will teach you about Lawrence Stroll net worth, personal life, profession, and noteworthy accomplishments.

Background information

Birth name Lawrence Stroll
Nickname Stroll
Birth place Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Birth date 11 July 1959
Gender male
Nationality Canadian
Age 64 years old
Net worth $3.2 billion
Occupation Businessman
Marital Status married
Children yes
Birth Sign Cancer

About Lawrence Stroll

Canadian business billionaire Lawrence Stroll is well-known in the motorsports industry. On November 11, 1959, he was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Stroll began his career as a fashion designer, where he amassed wealth through investments in prestigious luxury labels, including Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Pierre Cardin. Later, in 2006, he reportedly earned $1.2 billion from selling his Tommy Hilfiger shares.

Stroll made significant investments in the sector due to his passion for motorsport. He led a group that bought the Force India Formula One team in 2018 and changed its name to Racing Point F1. Additionally, he made investments in the Aston Martin company, and in 2020, he was appointed executive chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings plc. In addition, he is the proprietor of Canada’s Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Quebec.

Lance Stroll, the father of Stroll, competes in Formula One for the Aston Martin Cognizant team. In addition to advancing his son’s career, Lawrence Stroll’s engagement in motorsport has made him a huge success and household name in the field.

Lawrence Stroll Personal life

On July 11, 1959, Lawrence Stroll was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of fashion importer Leo Strulovitch and was born into a Jewish household in Montreal, Quebec. Two kids are born to Lawrence. Racing driver Lance Stroll, who is now competing in Formula One, is their son. Chloe Stroll is their child. Stroll owns a sizable collection of automobiles, most of which are Ferraris, ranging from the current LaFerrari to the Ferrari 250 GTO. He had held ownership of Quebec’s Ferrari dealership. He also has a Ford GT and McLarens in his collection.

Lawrence Stroll Career

Ralph Lauren and Pierre Cardin’s apparel were imported to Canada by Lawrence Stroll’s father. Stroll invested in apparel designers Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors, along with Hong Kong investor Silas Chou, and the two significantly aided in the rise and global recognition of the brands. 2014 saw the complete sale of Sportswear Holdings, Stroll’s company, on its remaining share in these companies.

Chou and Stroll made an investment in Asprey & Garrard in the 2000s. The Canadian racetrack Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains is owned by Stroll. Stroll oversaw an investor group that purchased the Force India Formula One team in August 2018.

Midway through the 2018 Formula One season, Racing Point Force India officially re-entered the sport under a new identity and as a new team. They finished seventh in the Constructors’ Championship. Lawrence’s son Lance will be driving one of the cars for the Racing Point F1 Team in the 2019 season. Lance will once again finish in seventh place in the Constructors’ Championship. On January 31, 2020, it was revealed that Stroll was the group leader who would give £182 million to Aston Martin for a 16.7% share in the business. In 2021, the Racing Point F1 Team changed its name to Aston Martin.

Lawrence Stroll’s Spouse and Kids

lawrence stroll wife

The lovely Claire Anne Stroll is the wife of Lawrence Stroll. She runs the Callens clothing brand and works as a seamstress. For his clothing, Callens uses the finest Italian fabric and artisans. Women’s clothing and outfits are made using patterns and the weather. Claire is a modern woman. She asserted during an interview that my husband has no involvement with her business and that it is completely her idea.

She likes sports, with golf being her favorite. It appears that Claire-Anne Stroll is in her sixties. She doesn’t let the public into her personal space on social media by keeping her accounts private. Previously, Lawrence was wed to Raquel Stroll. Their son and daughter, Lance Stroll and Chloe Stroll are their children.

Lawrence Stroll’s net worth

Forbes estimates Lawrence Stroll’s current net worth to be $3.2 billion. He is renowned for his philanthropic work and has given millions to worthy organizations, such as the Montreal Children’s Hospital CHU Sainte-Justine.

A sizeable chunk of Lawrence Stroll’s riches came from his prosperous business endeavors in the fashion sector. As a co-founder of the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, Stroll was essential to the company’s development into a well-known brand worldwide in the 1990s. The prosperity of Tommy Hilfiger made a significant financial contribution to Stroll.

Stroll’s engagement in motorsport, particularly his ownership of and financial support for Formula One teams, has also increased his net worth.

Stroll has invested in various other businesses and assets, including luxury real estate, expensive cars, and art collections, in addition to his commercial endeavors. These investments and his varied portfolio might impact his overall net worth.

Let’s look at Lawrence Stroll’s projected yearly earnings over the last several years, which are included in his net worth:

Net Worth in 2023 $3.2 Billion
Net Worth in 2022 $3.1 Billion
Net Worth in 2021 $3.0 Billion
Net Worth in 2020 $2.9 Billion
Net Worth in 2019 $2.8 Billion
Net Worth in 2018 $2.7 Billion

Lawrence Stroll Yacht

Lawrence Stroll Yacht

Wealthy and a fan of luxury, Lawrence Stroll is known to own the gorgeous superyacht “Faith.” The Dutch shipbuilder Feadship built Faith, which was launched in 2000. De Voogt Naval Architecture handled the external design and naval architecture, and Andrew Winch Design Studio later updated the interior.

The Faith has the elegant, traditional appearance typical of Feadship ships. The boat is elevated in the bow, with an angled wheelhouse, lengthy sheer lines, and straight windows. The Faith offers seven roomy staterooms with enough for 14 passengers, each with a luxurious interior and cozy furniture. Thanks to fine fabrics and uncommon materials, every space has an intriguing texture experience. The Faith boasts great amenities, including WiFi, air conditioning, a Jacuzzi on the deck, and a fully furnished gym.

Lawrence Stroll Business

  • Stroll has made investments in real estate and participated in the fashion and racing businesses. He owns a lavish mansion on the Caribbean island of Mustique.
  • Stroll started competing in the Ferrari Challenge series in the 1990s, which sparked his love of motorsport. In 2016, he also participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
  • One of the businesses Stroll invested in early in his career, the Pierre Cardin design label, appointed Stroll to its board of directors in 2011.
  • Due to the historic British brand’s 61-year absence from the Formula One grid, Stroll’s acquisition of the Aston Martin name in 2020 was a significant step for the company and the sport.
  • Stroll is renowned for his passion for classic cars and is said to have one of the largest collections in existence. On occasions like the Goodwood Festival of Speed, he has been spotted behind the wheel of vintage Ferraris, Bugattis, and other collectible automobiles.
  • Stroll and his wife Claire-Anne gave a sizable donation to the Montreal-based McGill University Health Centre in 2021. It served as a foundation for the establishment of a brand-new hospital. The new building will be named after the Stroll family, which was one of the largest donations in the hospital’s history.


Lawrence Stroll’s astonishing transition from the fashion industry to the world of motorsport is a prime example of his tenacity as an entrepreneur and drive for achievement. He has made a name for himself in the commercial and racing worlds thanks to his substantial personal worth, prosperous profession, and involvement in Formula One. Stroll remains an intriguing character to observe in the boardroom and on the racetrack as he advances in his career and broadens his impact.