Throughout the years, we have all seen the importance of poetry. Poets have used this form of literature to voice out their opinions and viewpoints about different things such as their environment and life.

Poetry allows people to express different things. It gave the audience the key to the door of a poet’s mind which is filled with boundless creativity.

Thus, poetry is really interesting and important. The emotions that we have when we hear certain music can be translated into the poetry we write.

In order to understand and write poetry, it is essential to know the different forms of it. Since poetry already had a long history, different forms have been created by various people over the years.

Before poems are only read to experience them but as years pass, different aspects of poems have also been prioritized by many poets.

Poetry Becoming -Concrete, Visual, Digital, Performance, Experimental

Forms of poetry

Visual poetry focuses on playing with the juxtaposition of letters, audio, and shapes in order to give a visually appealing poem.

There is no need to focus on whether the words in the poem sound good when read. In visual poetry, the words only need to form a recognizable shape thus there is a need to connect the shape formed into the poem.

On the other hand, concrete poetry focuses on the typographical arrangement of words in a poem in order to convey the message of the poem more clearly.

In concrete poetry, the arrangement of the words of the poem is part of the experience of the poem thus, it is essential to read the poem while also looking at the image formed by the words to fully understand the message the poem is trying to convey.

Aside from being visually appealing, some poems today are also best when experienced by the audience.

Performance poetry is one form of poetry that is being experienced by the audience since these are poems that are specifically created for or during a performance. Thus, no print distribution of these poems is available.

Digital poetry is a new form of poetry since this type depends on electronic or cyber. Poets depend on computers to add different forms of media such as text, images, sounds and interactivity using programming tools in order to compose a digital poem.

Experimental poetry is one form of poetry that does not have specific criteria aside from not following the rules that bound a poem to the other existing forms of poetry. The words used in this type of poetry are simple and the poem just does not follow a form.

Understanding the different forms of poetry and the criteria that bound a poem in each type allows you to easily start in this field.

Poetry Becoming -Concrete, Visual, Digital, Performance, Experimental

Although, some might also find it difficult to write a poem so here are some tips on how to become inspired when writing poetry.

  • Think about a topic that interests you so much. This can be anything that had already happened, is happening, will happen in the future or just something that you feel strongly about. Then, think about why this specific topic interests you so much.
  • Let these thoughts and emotions wash over you freely. Incorporate these feelings and thoughts into your poem to create one that will evoke emotions from your audience.
  • Relax and hold your pen. Let your emotions and all the ideas flow out from your mind and heart into your fingers.
  • Do not stop even if you have made a mistake with your spelling or grammar.
  • After writing all the words that have formed in your mind, sit back and read your poem while also editing the misspelled words and grammar while making sure that you have not destroyed the message of the poem with the changes you’ve made.

New techniques of writing poetry have emerged through the years just like some have been lost. But this has not changed the goal of poems: to bring knowledge and evoke emotions from their audience.