Animals are the most wonderful creation by God. Each animal has its own abilities. A horse is also known for his glamorous thing which is a race.

There are various horse racing competitions are organized around the world. For example, The Breeders Cup which is a popular horse racing championship.

The task of a jockey is to run a horse to starting line to finishing line in a fastest way. It is also the best opportunity for youngsters who want to ride a horse as a carrier.

The horse racing receives great attention from the number of other races. Horse racing is also one of the most popular sport from ancient times.

Find An Experienced Trainer

Most of the jockeys start working at barns, groomers or hot walkers. Apart from this, some people attend jockey schools to learn the basics of riding a horse.

The best way to become a successful jockey by apprenticing with a professional trainer. By following the footsteps of a professional one then you will learn the use of ropes.

He will prepare yourself for school races from which you can learn the rules of safety racing. The training of horse is also an essential part in racing.

Feeding programs and the exercise of the horse is included in the training. An experienced trainer selects a jockey for a particular horse and helps him to achieve his peak performance.

The Schooling races are just like an academic training which is sponsored by racetracks. So if you want to earn a racing license then this is compulsory.

When you able to receive your racing license, then you can enter in professional horse racing. So wear your brightly colored outfit and ride a horse.

Measure Your Height and Weight

It is mandatory for a jockey to meet weight requirements in a race. If you are going to participate in any horse racing competitions then you have to measure your height as well as your weight first.

The reason behind that the horses can carry 120 pounds weight in a race. The eligibility of racers is also checked before one day. Moreover, the identity of the horses also checked and all the things are reported to the paddock.

All the things like tack, jockey, pants, shirt, and underwear are included in it. A small height will be beneficial to a jockey. So you have to be small as well as athletic.

In the current time mostly people are facing difficulties due to their eating disorders. Avoid unhealthy food to get appropriate weight so that you can elect to race.

Prepare Yourself to Take the Risks

Obviously, horse racing is a very dangerous sport. Imagine that you are sitting on a big horse and you are going at the speeds of 40 plus miles per hour along with your competitors.

If you fell from the horse you may be injured seriously or may die. According to the racing data every year two jockeys die. If you prepare yourself and become a professional jockey then there will be lots of races and lots of money.

Each year experienced jockeys participate in nearly 1000 races. The more you win, the more will get.

Keep Practicing on Various Horses

You know very well horse racing is also a competitive field. There are many experienced jockeys are present in the world. In addition to this, every horse breed has his own racing nature.

So if you are thinking that you can win by selecting one particular horse then it will not work. If you want to become a competitor then you have to ride different horses.

Understanding the racing nature of the horse along with the competition conditions will help you to achieve your goals.

A Great Career Opportunity

Jockeys also pay a riding fee and winning purse commissions. Each race the riding fee varies from $30 to $100.

For 1st place, purse commissions are 6 to 10% and for second place and third place, it will be 1 to 2%. If you are participating in big racing competitions like The Breeders Cup, the Preakness Stakes or the Kentucky Derby then you can win millions of dollars.

It will be a career highlight for those who win these races. Of course, horse racing is a thrilling career where you can make the huge amount of money as well as enjoy the adventurous riding.