It is not an unknown truth that we rely on our cars to meet our daily transportation needs. On the other hand, the pervasive problem that disappoints each one of us is the number of cars theft. Keeping these things in mind, it becomes essential to prevent your car from stealing. Furthermore, the contents available inside your vehicle (though by mistake) are also in jeopardy, along with your companion, car.

However, consider taking some precautions for the safety of your car and its inside contents. Doing this will also keep you out of hassle and emotional upheaval with such a dreadful event.

So, to aid you, we’ve listed down top security tips, which will secure your car and its contents from theft.

car robber

Tip 1. Fix a personalized number plate

Generally, when buying a new car, no one thinks about fitting a personalized number plate. But ideally, that’s the first thing that should spring up in your mind. The motive behind fixing such a number plate is that it would make your car stand out more.

Furthermore, it will force the thieves to put off your car. Even in the worst cases, if your car gets stolen, then the number plate of yours will catch the eyes of the policemen soon. For all these reasons, you should consider fitting a personalized number so that thieves leave your car and hunt for other vehicles.

Tip 2. Keep your car locked and windows shut

Though it sounds obvious, you must ensure your car is locked; and windows shut whenever you step out of it. There are high chances that if you get out of your four-wheeler for a few minutes to buy your favorite burgers without locking, then it could get stolen.

Many car owners find it a hassle, and ultimately, they face consequences. So, instead of presenting a golden opportunity to the car thieves, lock your car’s door and shut its windows always.

Tip 3. Also, put the key fob off when, not in use

With the evolution of technology, thieves’ brains have also become sharp. In a modern car, you’ll find programmed locks and keys. Potential thieves can hack them easily and open their lock.

Usually, guys roaming around your car can manipulate your car locks without your knowledge. Therefore, it is wise to turn the key fob off when you’re not using it. You can even eliminate this theft by purchasing special wallets that block the fob signals.

Tip 4. Pick your parking wisely

Wherever you travel, you need to identify the safe parking for your car. Safe here means look for lit areas where multiple vehicles are parked. Thieves target those vehicles that people have parked in poorly-lit areas.

The best thing you can do is search for indoor parking; it can also save your car from weather-related damage. If you couldn’t find that, choose high-traffic areas or some public space. All of these would be a great strategy to save your car from theft.

Tip 5. Don’t leave your car keys visible

This may seem a no-brainer, but you need to remember to keep your car keys out of sight. Otherwise, it will enable the thieves to steal it quickly. It generally happens when you want to shop for something hurriedly and forget your keys in the car.

Even in your house, try keeping your car keys in a hidden place. Avoid hanging it on the entrance wall or something; seasonal criminals can enter your home, rob the keys, and stole your car from the garage.

Tip 6. Look for a steering wheel lock

The old-school mechanical device steering wheel lock is back in fashion. You’ll be able to get the more advanced version if you’re ready to pay more. As the steering wheel lock fits on the steering wheel, it will prevent its movement and eventually robbery too.

This way, you can easily discourage car thieves from getting into your car and drive it off. So, check out all the options available in the market and lock in the best one for your vehicle.

Tip 7. Keep your possessions out of sight

Another security tip that we would like to share with you is; do not to leave your possessions on view in your car. Most of the time, thieves target cars after getting tempted with the inside kept possessions. It could be any of your valuables – laptop, smartphone, or iPad.

Therefore, it is best to check your car after parking it; so that it doesn’t become a target of potential thieves. If you have any essential things in your car, take them with you.

Tip 8. Get VIN engraved on your car

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) etching is an economical method to stop thieves from stealing your car. The process involves printing a VIN on several parts of your vehicle, including mirrors, windows, and frames. Once you etch them, it will become difficult to sell your car and change your vehicle ID.

Whenever you’ve lost your car, contact the police, send them your vehicle ID, with the help of which they will get back your vehicle.

Tip 9. Invest in a good tracker

Technology has taken a quantum jump in all areas of our lives. Many cutting-edge technologies have entered the market to help you track your car’s location via a smartphone app. But how and what is in it – we’ll tell you in short.

Amongst many devices, many car owners are in love with the GPS car tracker. After installing the same, its alarm feature will let you know if someone is trying to move your car. It will come as handy, especially when you’re heading for a road trip.

Final thoughts:

When it comes to car security and your life’s safety, there’s always room for improvement. If you’re planning to head towards any winter road trip, then you must be well-prepared for it. Amongst vital devices, you need these 8 gadgets for your next road trip. Along with the above tips, these gadgets will make your trip more fun and safer.