Amit Sharma has a well-known Indian YouTube channel called Crazy XYZ. He is popular for his videos on bizarre science experiment-related topics, incredible alterations, life hacks, and a variety of other topics. His channel is one of India’s best experimental channels.

He is among the top 5 Indian YouTube Creators. He grew up in Alwa, Rajasthan. Currently he is just 23 and has accomplished a great deal already. His parents work as educators. He has four YouTube channels.

Crazy XYZ is the name of one of his famous YouTube channels, which he started in 2017. Amit has almost 28.3 million followers on YouTube and has received Gold, Diamond, and Silver play buttons.

Crazy XYZ Wiki

Real name Amit Sharma
Birthday 11th September, 2000
Age 23 years
Birthplace Bandur, Alwar, Rajasthan
Profession YouTuber
Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Education IIT Roorkee

In Bansur, Alwar, Rajasthan, on September 11, 2000, Amit Sharma was born. The most excellent location and most famous district in Rajasthan for foreign visitors is Alwar.

Amit has always been incredibly mischievous, as seen in the numerous video clips he has posted. He attended the neighborhood school in Alwar until the tenth grade. Following this, he continued his education by studying science at Kota. In his class, he always excelled.

He received a top 1000 ranking on the IIT-JEE test in 2014 after being selected in his first try. Following that, he completed his studies in materials engineering and metallurgy at IIT Roorkee in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, in 2018.

Crazy XYZ Net Worth, Income, Brand Endorsements, Car and Bike collections

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Thanks to his popularity on YouTube, Amit may now make money via brand collaborations, product sales, and adverts. To inhance his visibility and reach he has established his presence on other social media accounts as well like Facebook and Instagram.

The exact estimation of net worth of popular personalities is a bit tricky and may differ depending on a number of factors. Net worth of a celebrity or popular personality depends on a number of factors like their income, Assets, earnings from brand collaborations and investments.

Net Worth (in Dollars) $5 Million+
Net Worth (in rupees) 41 Crore+
Monthly income Approx. 30 Lakhs
Annual Salary 3 Crore+
YouTube Income Approx. 2 Crore annually
Income source YouTube, Brand Collaboration, Instagram

Crazy XYZ Net Worth

His approximate net worth in USD is 5 million or over 41 crores in Indian rupees. Through sponsored products, affiliate marketing, brand promotions, and YouTube adverts, he is making a good living. He made two to three crores from YouTube in the beginning. The lunatic’s monthly salary is between 25 and 30 lakhs a month. Additionally, he has worked with well-known YouTuber Mr Indian Hacker. He makes between two and three crores a year from YouTube, and the amount grows every year.

His Monthly and yearly income

Although it is challenging to pinpoint Crazy XYZ’s (Amit Sharma) precise monthly income or pay, it is said to be more than 30 lakh Indian rupees. Millions of people have subscribed to Amit Sharma’s YouTube channel, and his videos have received billions of views. Amit Sharma, aka Crazy XYZ, estimates his annual revenue on YouTube to be around $264.5K, or more than two crore Indian rupees.

Because of his popularity on the network, he can now make money via goods sales, brand deals, and adverts. Usually, a person’s net worth is determined using some variables, including their income, assets, investments, and obligations. Crazy XYZ has an estimated salary of more than three crore Indian rupees a year.

Brand Endorsements

Amit Sharma has worked with several companies and endorsed their goods. He makes a good living by endorsing luxury products. Popular skin and hair care companies, including Garnier, Mcaffeine, Nivea, Bare Anatomy, and Schwarzkopf Professional, are just a few of the companies he has worked with.

Additionally, he has worked with a few other businesses that specialize in distinct markets, such as the well-known perfume industry company Wildstone. Additionally, he has worked with the company named boAt, which specializes in technical accessory sales, and Rylan, which offers high-end goggles.

His Car and bike collection

Amit owns a few of the luxurious cars. Here is the list of cars he owns and their current market price:-

  • Mercedes: costs around 1 Cr
  • Hyundai Elite i20: costs around 8.5 lakhs
  • Maruti wagon r: around four lakhs. Amit uses this car for his experiment videos
  • Santro: costs around 3.5 lakhs

Along with cars, Amit also owns a few bikes. Here is the list:-

  • Kawasaki Ninja: costs around 30 lakhs
  • Bajaj discover: costs around one lakhs
  • TVs Apache: costs 1.5 lakhs

Amit Sharma’s Career

Amit Sharma, aka Crazy XYZ, has followed an unusual career path that has brought him notoriety and controversy. Amit Sharma began his professional life as a YouTuber, amusing and sometimes shocking his audience with his Content, which helped him amass a sizable following.

His videos, which pushed limits and had millions of views, frequently included scientific experiments, pranks, challenges, life hacks, and social experiments. He started his YouTube channel in 2015 while he was still in his first year of college. He started a channel named SportShala in 2016 and uploaded videos about sports there. He also changed the channel’s name to THE INDIAN UNBOXER in 2017. He now posts unboxing videos on this channel.

He started Amit XYZ, a new channel, in 2019. Where he uploads his experimental videos. He currently owns three YouTube channels, and he works with a team of five people to keep these YouTube accounts current. His teammates are Kartar, Mohit, Rahul, Ankit, and Vicky.


What is the net worth of Crazy XYZ?
Ans:- Crazy XYZ has a net worth of around $5 million or 41 Cr in Indian rupees.

What is the monthly salary of Crazy XYZ?
Ans:- Crazy XYZ’s monthly salary is approx. 30+ Lakh Indian rupees.

What is the age of Crazy XYZ?
Ans:- Crazy XYZ is 23 years old as of 2023.

How much is Crazy XYZ’s annual salary?
Ans:- Crazy XYZ’s annual salary is over three crore rupees.