Do you remember how fun the playdates were when we were kids? You were spending quality time with your favorite people, laughing, playing, and snacking. Enjoyable times! Who says that you can’t organize an epic night with your friends now?! Even though most adults are no longer interested in playing with toy cars or dolls, they still like to have fun.

A lot of people are keen on games or board games. It’s an amazing opportunity to have a chat and some fun with your mates. However, if you’re planning on throwing a game night, you need to do some preparations first. Here are the 6 tips you might need for hosting a game night.

1. Who to invite

Since the pandemic is nowhere near over, social gatherings should be limited. However, people are social beings and we’re constantly seeking social contact. Even though large gatherings are not advised, you can gather a smaller group of people for an amusing game night while following the precaution measures.

In case you have a list of invitees, make sure to follow the government’s orders for you and your guests’ safety. Ask your pals not to come over if they are feeling unwell. Besides that, try to keep an advised physical distance from your friends.

Lastly, invite who you think will enjoy this type of entertainment. You don’t need a party pooper complaining the whole night. Game nights are about compromises and amusing activities, not complainers and lame atmosphere.

2. Choose an adequate space

Whether you live in a small apartment or in a spacious flat or house, you can fit a couple of your closest friends for an interesting night. Since it’s not recommended staying indoors surrounded by a lot of people, having a balcony, terrace, patio or yard might be a good choice for a game night.

However, if the weather is prone to quick changes, staying indoors is definitely a better option.

Sudden drizzles, downpours, cold weather, and various bugs can ruin your night. So, hosting an indoor game night is an ideal choice. You can decide whether you’ll sit in a living room or sit at the kitchen table.

Make sure you’ve cleaned your living space before your guests arrive. Nobody likes to sit in untidy or unclean space, so make sure to remove the clutter and vacuum beforehand.

3. Pick interesting activities

A night with different kinds of people can be exhausting. Trying to please everyone’s needs with no fun insight, is definitely not the kind of gathering you’re aiming for. Even though you have to ensure that your guests are entertained, you need to have fun as well. That’s why agreeing on activities before the actual game night is essential.

Depending on the occasion, you can choose from various board games, card games, drinking games, or even quizzes. If you’re all out of ideas, you can DIY a board game for a unique experience. Don’t forget to have a backup plan in case no one is in the mood for the game you chose. You can even make a list of possible games and draw names out of the hat to decide which one you’re going to play. Don’t forget to have fun!

4. Prepare food or snacks

Who doesn’t love to munch while having a lot of fun? Game nights with no food in sight are simply lame. That’s why you need to prepare plenty of snacks and food for you and your friends to enjoy. Depending on the people that are coming over, you can get or make spicy or sweet snacks to spice up the atmosphere.

Make sure that what you serve isn’t greasy. You don’t want to ruin the cards or board game you’re playing with the greasy fingers. Therefore, you should make no mess snacks for board game nights. Even though you’re doing everything you can to prevent people from ruining games with food stains, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you’ll have to thoroughly clean your house once again. Don’t forget to serve refreshments and drinks.

5. Create a comfortable environment

There is no better feeling than being able to relax while having fun with your friends. You don’t have to have a perfect luxurious home to enjoy a game night with friends. However, decorating your living space and adding a couple of thoughtful details to make everyone as comfortable as possible isn’t out of the question.

If you chose your living room as an ideal space for a game night, make sure that you have enough pillows for comfy seating. You don’t have to worry about the lack of chairs as sitting on the floor is hip.

For additional elegance and privacy, consider getting roman blinds. They are a perfect combination of texture and textile custom-made for every window. You can choose the colours and complete the perfect cozy interior for game nights and everyday life.

6. Set a schedule

Epic game nights can quickly turn into tiring all-nighters. Imagine going to work after an exciting but exhausting night spent with friends. That’s not going to work out, right? That’s why you need to set a specific schedule or timing for the game night.

Telling your friends to leave can be quite uncomfortable. You’re having fun, a few more hours can’t hurt, can they? If they are overstaying, you need to set healthy boundaries and let them know when is the time to leave. In case you forgot to mention the timing in the invite, you can use tactful ways to let them know they are overstaying. Don’t forget to thank them for coming and, if possible, arrange a new hangout soon.


Throwing an exciting game night with friends can be epic if prepared correctly. You need to set and arrange the space for the game, make or get snacks and refreshments, and of course, invite your closest friends who would enjoy that type of entertainment. Try not to obsess over tiny details. It doesn’t matter where you are or what are you doing as long as you’re having fun!