Is Your Anger subjugating you? Anger is an emotion that not only jeopardizes you but also your loved ones. Whenever you get angry, you break the things that you see. So you feel a little bit okay. We try hard to control anger but we are unable to do it. And later on, we regret it.

Anger not only spoils your physical and mental health but also your career and relationships. Whenever you are angry, it seems that our brain becomes full of negativity and is just about to burst.

This emotion is natural and tells your reaction that you are upset about something. But the concept of Anger Management tells you “How to work on your Anger”.

Atul Malikram has opened a café with the name “ Bhadaas Café” on the anger management concept. His Idea for this kind of café is very unique and appreciable.

Let’s reveal the story behind “Bhadaas Café, Indore”

Bhadaas means frustration. In the Bhadaas cafe, people come to release their frustration. For Indian people, this may be a new concept, but there is a very old concept in foreign here.

Donna Alexander thought about this when she saw many people struggling with depression. The situation itself was more disturbing. Then he thought of the Anger Room where her staff used to break out of his belongings by breaking the baggage of their anger. Her staff liked this idea.

This method was very successful. In 2008, Donna Alexander gave up her job and started the business of the Anger Room. She was initially allowed to sabotage for $5. Later he opened a number of Anger Rooms.

In India, Atul Malikram has started Bhadaas café in Indore. Nowadays, 9 out of 10 people are stressed. When he was younger, he got scolded by his mother. When he grew up, he got scolded by the boss in the job.

He used to break household things to release his anger. Then he thought how many people will be there, who will have such stress in their life and they will also break household items. Then he did a lot of research and came with the concept of the Anger Room. He opened India’s first Bhadaas Café in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

How Bhadaas café is designed?

Bhadaas Cafe is designed in a very unique way. It has 2 floors of 4000 square feet. Different sections have been designed on the first floor such as a soundproof room.

In the soundproof room, you can scream as much as you want, just to release your anger and your voice will not go outside the room. You can get out of your anger well. Apart from this, there is a meditation room, music room, library, destruction room.

These rooms are designed according to the need of the people. Even the walls of Bhadaas café are very different. Different words have been written on the walls like anger, irritation, rage, rebel, scream, depression, etc.

Every word written on the walls depicts an emotion that people are struggling with. They come to Bhadaas café to release the emotions that agitate them. There is a food court on the ground floor. After releasing your stress, you can eat food or drink coffee. And this is a perfect balance of both things.

Do you know the best ways to release your anger?

Anger and frustration are your worst enemies. They will let you grow neither in your career nor in your personal life. Bhadaas café has designed specific rooms to release your stress.

Let’s talk about the destruction room first; in this room, you can vent your anger by breaking things like cups, char, TV, computer, CPU, etc. Punching bags and balloons are also available to vent anger.

The set up of the destruction room is done according to the client’s requirements. If the client has bad arguments with the boss, then the client-boss room set up will be done in which the computer, CPU, table are kept.

In the same way, if the client has a fight with the wife then the washing machine, the refrigerator will be kept to break. Not only this, but a date set up is also used to get out of the tension of girlfriends – boyfriends fighting, in which balls, gifts are kept.

Is breaking things the only way to take out your frustration?

If you think, breaking things is the only way to take out your frustration then the answer is NO! This destruction therapy won’t work in every one case. All people have their own way to vent their anger and frustration. Some people like to do meditation. So there is a mediation room for those people, where they can get peace of their mind.

Along with the meditation room, there is a library room and music room. People who love reading books can read their favorite books with coffee. Some people love to listen to music as well as playing musical instruments, that’s why a special music room has been built for them.

Where is Bhadaas café exactly located?

It is not very hard to find the Bhadaas café in Indoor. It is a quite famous place there. Still, let me help you with this. You can directly search it on the Google map whenever you visit Indoor.

Bhadaas café, Indoor address: 27-A, Chandra Nagar, Barfanidham Road, MR-9, Main Road, Vijay Nagar, Indore
Contact: +91 9755020247

Do you have any idea about the Bhadaas cafe menu?

On the ground floor of Bhadaas Cafe, there is a food court for spicy snacks and coffee. Whenever someone wants to have coffee or taste delicious snacks, they are most welcome in the food court.

If we chew about spicy snacks then you will find Turkish Roll, Veg. Fillorape, Cheese Cigar, Veg Bread Stick, Bombay Pav Bhaji, etc. The great thing is that you can order it from Zomato even.

Is Bhadaas café is expensive?

People would think that Bhadaas Cafe would be very expensive but let me clear the air, Bhadaas Cafe rates are very reasonable. Bhadaas café fee is Rs. 300 for 2 people visit.

These charges can be varied as per your requirement. You have to take an appointment over call and tell them your requirement. They will set up things according to your requirements.

You can break a glass, cups by giving Rs 2 to Rs 5. You can break the watch for 50 rupees.

You have to pay more to break the big stuff here. This price is less than the loss. The most important thing about this cafe is that there is no restriction on you here.

So whenever, you want to vent out anger and you are in Indoor then don’t miss your chance to visit Bhadaas Café. This is a very amazing place where you can chill out along with getting out of frustration at a reasonable price. Stress has to be defeated because life is precious.