Cricket is the favorite sport of the people in the whole World. They are mad after watching cricket and its grounds. Today here you will know about the highest cricket ground in the World. It is located in Himachal, India. This famous and the highest cricket ground lies in Chail, District Solan India. It locates at the height of 8018 feet.

People usually say that the origin of cricket is in southern England during the medieval period. Children used to play this game. However, by the reach of the 17th century, this game got popularity among adults and remained a leisure game until the 18th century. From that time onward, cricket is the national sport of England and played all around the World.

Overview of the highest cricket ground in India

Indians feel much proud when they hear the sport cricket because of the World’s highest cricket ground as Chail Cricket Ground. Chail cricket ground got established in Chail, Himachal Pradesh by Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh, in 1893. He was the owner of the summer retreat in Chail, and at that time, he developed the ground.

The height of the highest cricket ground is 2444 meters from the sea level. It is around 30 miles away from Shimla, which is the state capital.

A dense forest of deodar surrounds this ground. And today, Chail is famous as Hiker’s paradise. This is the reason why people call it the highest cricket ground in the World.

Around the field, there is a forest, and today, it is also used as the playground by children of the school Chail Military School. When it is time for vacations, the ground is a perfect place for Polo sport. Also, there is a well-maintained football court and Basketball court.

History of the Chail Cricket Ground

highest cricket ground in India

In 1893, Bhupinder Singh built this highest cricket ground. He was the Maharaja of Patiala. Also, once Chail got recognized as the summer capital for Patiala when Maharaja Bhupinder got prohibited from entering the city of Shimla. It was the reason why Maharaja built a temple, palace, lodge, and the cricket field in Chail. Most of the buildings are associated with the stories of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh.

Bhupinder Singh was a big fan of cricket sport. And thus, Chail added on as a new capital for summers. Maharaja has organized and sponsored many sports being a ruler in his time. He also let this field to people for local games. The highest cricket ground acted as a source of entertainment for people.

After the accession of Maharaja, most of his capital and buildings were hand over to the Chail Military School and also this highest cricket ground in India. Now, if you want to practice or play some sport in this field, then you have first to take permission from the heads of this school.

Chail Cricket Ground at Present

Being under the rule of Military school, you cannot enter the ground without acceptance. They have made proper fencing around this ground and locked every time but open for school students. There is no parking for ground visitors.
The Polo lovers most await summer vacations as this ground serves them a big platform to fulfill their love for the Polo game.

Rest for the whole year; this ground is used as a playground for the children of the school. The highest cricket ground also has goal posts, and thus, it is also suitable for football lovers. In its one corner, a military school is constructed on a historic tree. It seems as if it is a beautiful treehouse.

However, you can quickly get to this place, driving your car to the stadium. It is on the same mountain as of Siddh Temple. This temple is only 1 Kilometre away from the highest cricket stadium. However, people do not spend much of their time in this area until they want to play a sport. It is an empty ground that needs proper renovation. But still, people feel curious to visit this place as it is denoted as the highest cricket ground in the World.

Games played at Chail Ground-The Highest cricket ground in the World
Now, this ground is owned by Military School, Chail. Today it is a school playground, and it has not even hosted many big games. It is all because of the condition of this Cricket Ground that it could not host significant games. This field needs some severe renovation as it is still under development.

For international competitions, this field is unfit today. Thus, the highest cricket ground is used by test players these days to practice. For this, too, they have to take permission from Chail Military School. Also, people play basketball, Polo, and Soccer games in this field.

Best time to visit The Highest Cricket Ground

Highest Cricket Ground

There is no specification to visit this ground. The weather is always good for you. However, then also people think best to visit from April to June as it shows a pleasant and windy climate. The average temperature during that time is 20 degrees. The winters are usually, frigid and the temperature remains 1 to 2 degrees at that time.

Future of the Highest Cricket Ground India

Since the field needs a proper renovation, the future is at high risk. However, the District Cricket Association has taken the land of 8 acres to construct a new cricket ground in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This site is around 10,000 feet from the sea level.

If the plan comes into existence and new cricket ground is built, then for sure, it will overcome the name of the present highest cricket ground in the World. According to the original plan, the new field will meet the goal of a large stadium. It will follow up on the design of the most massive Dharmshala Cricket Stadium.

Dharmshala Stadium is the home field for many players in India, especially those located in Dharamshala. However, construction for the new ground is still on hold as they are searching for having good funds for this project.