Life’s facts are always in the grey zone. Life is simply so ironic. With its twists and turns, it’s excruciatingly funny. There are times when you want for folks you used to have or hope for things to remain the same. These 40 situations reflect the realities of life, fun facts about life, and amazing facts about life.
5 interesting facts about life

There are some facts about life which you need to understand and apply in life :

  • Fact 1

The first truth is regarding Earth, we all know that Earth is that the largest person planet, however, does one know? Earth is that the sole planet within the system with tectonics.

The outer crust of the world is choppy into regions called tectonic plates. These area units floating on high of the rock interior of the world and might move against each other.

When 2 plates collide, one plate can subduct (go beneath another), and wherever they pull apart, they’re going to enable the recent crust to create.

This method is incredibly vital and for many reasons. It can cause many geographical issues (i.e., earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mountain-building, and oceanic trench formation), it’s additionally intrinsic to the carbon cycle.

  • Fact 2

The second truth is regarding the moon. recognize we all know} several fascinating facts regarding it however can we know that the moon has no atmosphere. this suggests that the Moon is unprotected from cosmic rays, meteorites, and star winds, and has immense temperature variations. the dearth of atmosphere suggests that no sound is detected on the Moon, and therefore the sky invariably seems black.

From earth, we tend to invariably see a similar face of the moon. it’s because of the explanation that the Moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth. Its close facet is marked by giant dark plains (volcanic ‘maria’) that fill the areas between the brilliant ancient crustal highlands and therefore the outstanding impact craters.

  • Fact 3

We know that each human includes a different part that’s called the brain. this is often additionally a remarkable organ of the figure. Not solely will that create it the fattiest organ within the figure, however these fatty acids area unit crucial for your brain’s performance? ensure you’re provision it fitly with healthy.

Brain development begins from the rear of the brain and works its thanks to the front. Therefore, your frontal lobes, that management designing, and reasoning, area unit the last to strengthen and structure connections.

  • Fact 4

We know that the figure is simply sorted of a web. There area unit several fascinating facts regarding the figure. however, does one grasp that each second, your body produces twenty-five million new cells? which means in fifteen seconds, you may have made additional cells than their area unit folks within us.

There area unit anyplace between sixty,000-100,000 miles of blood vessels within the figure. If they were taken out and set end-to-end, they’d be long enough to travel around the world over 3 times.

  • Fact 5

If we tend to area unit talking regarding fascinating facts. Then however we can forget the apple. this is often a fruit that has technical values and additionally established itself because the best healthy fruit.

Although the now-retro rainbow emblem is arguably Apple’s most renowned, the initial Apple emblem featured Sir mathematician sitting below a tree, with associate apple near to hit his head. (Legend has it that he was hit on the pinnacle with associate apple which LED to the construct of gravity.)

10 interesting facts about life is beautiful

  1. We all know that life is very beautiful but there are many things in our life. If we notice all those things, we can see how amazing life is, first thing is waking up in the morning in a fresh mood. It makes our whole day special. We are alive every morning, we feel that life is beautiful.
  2. Every person has someone special in their life. If you see the face of someone whom you love so much. At that time, you will feel that life is very beautiful. At that time a person also feels that there is nothing better than that movement.
  3. Having a target to do something every day also makes your life beautiful. Every day when you start your day from the beginning with a specific goal. If you are having something to do in your life, then your life will automatically become interesting.
  4. We know that nature is a very interesting gift for us given by god. If someone wants to make their life interesting. Then they have to spend some time with nature. After spending a little bit of time of a day with nature, you will feel the importance of the day and life.
  5. If we are talking about interesting things then how we can forget the music. Music is the thing that touches our soul. If you listen to 20 minutes of good music in a day. Then you will feel how interesting to listen to music in life. You will also understand how much beautiful our life is?
  6. Our physical activities also make our life beautiful and also interesting. When you hug someone special in your life. You have the world’s great feeling at that time. At that time, you will also understand the beauty of your life.
  7. We know that health is wealth. If you have both things then your life is automatically beautiful. We mean to say every day we have to take proper exercise for 1 hour. It will keep our body fit. If our health is good then our life will automatically become interesting and beautiful.
  8. If you are a human being then you have many qualities, in all those qualities kindness is one. This means if you have a kind heart and when you help someone. At that time, you will feel how our life is beautiful and interesting.
  9. Having a passion as a profession also makes a person’s life beautiful and interesting. Means you have a passion to do something special and you take it as a profession. This thing will give you the most amazing feeling in your life. When you get complete success in your profession then you will see how our life is beautiful.
  10. Love is a different and amazing feeling in every person’s life, If you have one loved person in your life then you are the happiest in the world. If you love someone and the other person also loves you a lot. Then your life is beautiful and interesting.

10 facts about life

  • Black And White Dreams

Studies show that before color TVs, 15% of the human population used to dream in black and white. Even today around 12% of the population dreams in black and white and, not color.

That means our mind is affected largely by media.

  • You Can Taste With Your Nose

Yes, you can taste with your nose because there are taste buds in your nose. Plus, because of that most of the time of you confuse taste with smell.
80% of the time you consider something as ‘taste’ it’s the smell.

  • ABO Isn’t The Only System

You might know your blood group, but that’s not how everyone recognizes the types of blood groups.

There are around 30 recognized blood types and most of the people know about only 4 (A, B, AB, and O)

  • Your Heart Beats Thousands Of Times

If you do the math, you’ll see that a human heart beats 100,000 times a day, and it pumps gallons and gallons of blood in a day.

For reference, that’s enough blood to fill an Olympic-sized pool.

And just if you do not know, a human heart beats 75 times a minute.

  • 300 Bones

When a child is born, he/she has 300 bones in their body. Though as they grow up, there are only 206 bones left in the body.

That is because the bones get attached as they get longer and stronger. That is why we have to provide support to different parts of an infant’s body because their bones haven’t joined at that time.

  • The Best Camera

If you evaluate your eyes in terms of megapixels, our eyes are 576 megapixels of cameras installed in them.

To put this in reference, the best smartphones in the world these days have 108-megapixel cameras installed in them.

  • Taller In The Morning

Studies show that you will be taller in the morning as compared to the rest of the day because when you sleep your cartilage spreads out and looks bigger.
Scientists think that this is because of gravity, as gravity affects your height a bit by compressing your frame.

  • Two Tubes In Our Throat

Our throat houses both the food pipe and the windpipe, which means you cannot use both simultaneously.

To put that in reference, this means that when you are breathing you cannot swallow anything, and when you are swallowing something you cannot breathe. If you use both pipes at the same time, you will end up choking and with hiccups.

  • Life On Your Skin

At least a thousand different creatures are sitting on your face right now. And there are way more creatures in your body, trillions of them.

Though there can be even microscopic mites, microscopic worms, germs, and other microbes on your face depending on where you are, though usually there are thousands of microbes on it. Some even like to mate on your skin when you sleep.

  • Longer Life With Friends

People who have many friends and a close family tend to live longer than those who don’t. This is because the former stay happier

5 psychology facts about life

  • Self-confidence is far way more essential than appearance

According to various studies, it is shown that to become supportive and confident is more essential than becoming handsome, especially for men. Besides this, couples that have good-looking females rather than males behave as more supportive and positive than the couples that include handsome males, or where the persons consist of matching looks.

So, it is better to be confident than to be handsome. Not just in appearance, self-confidence is required in every task like in presenting yourself in front of others, in innovating great ideas, and in many other tasks. Self-confidence is the medicine of every impossible task.

  • Penning down of thoughts lowers stress

Have you ever noted down your thoughts? If not, then make it a habit as it could be very helpful for you. According to studies, if you write about your dark experiences it can improve your emotional level, lower anxiety, and greatly help you in coming out of a depressing life scene. People who write down their feelings perform better as compared to those who don’t write anything.

Some people maintain a proper diary only for this task and that is a very good action. So, if you want to get rid of anxiety and also want to lower your stress then start writing down your feelings.

  • Be the master of your dreams by playing video games

It sounds a little bit funny, but the fact is true. The fact is that if you desire to be the master of your dreams and want the dreams more clear and easily controlled, then you require to play video games as video games and dreams almost depict alternate realities. Now, children have a new excuse to play video games. Video games can greatly help you in controlling nightmares.

  • Losing of motivation due to speaking of goals

Are you the one that has goals in life? If yes, then you need to work hard to achieve the goals. According to research, it is shown that if you knowingly inform others about your goals and intentions then it makes you less likely to work hard as compared to when you keep your intentions to yourself.

Such an interesting fact about life! The fact explains that if you talk about your plans it would give you a feeling of completeness and convince your brain that the motivation is completely lost. So, don’t tell anyone about your goals, even your friends and family.

  • Blue color could improve productivity

Are you aware of this interesting fact? Not yet, then get acquainted with the fact. What does the fact mean to say? The Wall color of your office can impact your productivity, so if you want an energetic and stimulating environment then blue is the best option.

So, paint your office walls with blue color. Blue color not only increases your productivity but also balances your emotions and thoughts in your mind. A perfect color for making the mind calm and energetic.

5 weird facts about life in India

Let’s, explore the true facts about life quotes, that are weird too :

1. The more easily you take life, the easier it becomes and the more complex it seems.

When we think about our life it seems tough. When we think too much about our life it starts to look equally difficult. Who doesn’t think much about their existence? Just do their work for them, life is as easy as that. This life is quite strange. It is not so easy to understand.

The more we understand this, the more it gets entangled in us, the more we think about life, the more we know. The more we don’t know about it. We may never find the right way to live life or we can do it in the right way, yet we did not know.

2. When you know that this life is not yours, then this life belongs to you.

All people live for themselves, but is this the right way to live life? When we live for ourselves, buy a car home for ourselves. So that happiness belongs in a very short time, that happiness is gone. But when we live life for others, we do things for others, then that happiness is always with us. So it said that life is not our own, it belongs to We should live for others instead of ourselves, only then we go. Will be able to be happy.

3. Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is mystery
But today is a gift
That’s why it’s called present

Explanation: – Life is very difficult to understand. The moment we live, instead of always remembering our past and regretting that we have made this mistake. Read-only to learn from our mistakes. We don’t have to worry about that. We have to think that the mistakes we have made have to not be repeated.

We should not think About the matter, one should not always be seated. Get us out of that thing and start our work soon. We are always worried about our tomorrow, what will happen to us, how will we live in it? We always think ahead of ourselves, we are always in the bank, raising money for our forward life, how do we cut the life ahead?

But we never spend that money on ourselves, we can never live in our existing first. And until the time comes to live, we are quite grown up. We should do future planning but we should. It should also be kept in mind that our current moment.

4. Shri Krishna told in Bhagwat Gita: The moment which we are living in is life

Explanation: – Sri Krishna through the Gita. The real definition of life is explained. In the lives of all of us. Some are big and some are small. The events keep happening.

We are always worried about the past or planning for the future. But do we ever Live this present moment? Therefore, Shri Krishna explains that
We should plan for tomorrow but it should not be a bother. The real way of living a peaceful and happy life is told in the Gita. The holy book of every religion shows the path of living. We should learn and apply the way of living.

5.Life is never easy who dreams are big

Life examines in every step. You pass or fail you have to keep moving. There is not an option to bunk.

5 Sad Facts about life

1. Those who can’t cry are the weakest from inside.

Some people seem to be strong enough. They pretend to be hard as coconut in front of everyone. Yes, it becomes necessary for them to do so because the world always cuts down the weaker ones to benefit themselves. Just spend a little more time with them and stick around them without any complaints. Be friends with them and soon you would see their other side.

Another personality of them that is kind, caring, loving, and supporting. These kinds of people don’t make temporary relationships. They always stand by your side whenever you need them. They make permanent and long-lasting relationships.

2. People who laugh frequently even at the smallest things are deep inside lonely.

It takes continuous heavy rainfall to treat the barren land. When a person has been going through a lot, they can’t get enough motivation for being happy and energetic. To hide all the sadness on their face, they smile and laugh frequently. They always seem to be the happiest and cheerful companions.

This is because when they go home, they don’t even smile for a second. The solitude and loneliness surround them. They don’t need to give fake smiles to themselves. They can be just themselves; non-energetic, depressed and demotivated.

3. Sometimes the person who you’d take a bullet for, is the same person behind the trigger.

Many people come and go in our life. Some of them stay because they seem to be our well-wishers in the form of friends. Some become friends genuinely and some only for their benefit. Some people want to gain something by harming you. And the people who are close to you know your strengths and weaknesses.

They know how to shatter you into pieces. That’s the only technique your enemies choose to defeat you.

4. Love can give you memories that no one can steal but it can also give scars that no one can heal.

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It is something that the world needs. There is so much hatred, jealousy, and unpleasant circumstances that are causing wars and destruction. All they need is love and acceptance. Some people would accept you the way you are.

They will love you with all your perfections and imperfections. It makes everything alright and the world seems to be a better place. But when the same person starts ignoring or leave you then it happens to be the most tragic moment in life.

5. One of the hardest tasks of the human mind is to convince yourself that you don’t care anymore.

Happy and sad moments are a part of our lives. It happens that we all have to deal with something bad. It can be people or circumstances. People who can’t be forgotten and circumstances that can’t be changed. When we can’t change what has happened, the only way left is to move ahead in life.

Never look back and don’t keep starring at your past. It becomes necessary to divert our mind to something better and divert our feelings as if now we feel nothing sad or any kind of hurt.