Robert O’Connor grabs a place in Guinness world record for the most extensive collection of ‘Ghostbusters’ memorabilia (Souvenirs)!

In an exclusive interview, EDMONTON stated that the journey began with a Puft marshmallow man toy. ‘Ghostbusters’ fan will find it enthralling that this ordinary man from the United States registered his name in the Guinness book of world records. And the reason was the vast collection of plush toys and memorabilia from the Ghostbuster series.

Soon after the ‘Ghostbusters’ movie released in 1984, there ran a wave amongst the enthusiasts to grab and collect those cute and haunting plush toys. After several years of following his passion relentlessly, stay Puft marshmallow man holds a proud position with the O’Connor’s Guinness world record.

In a personal interview, O’Connor stated about his passion for these toys and the small marshmallow man. Then I was a bit too young and was thrilled with the characters after sneaking the whole movie. After the release of ‘Ghostbusters II,’ the toys and cartoon related to it were out.

O’Connor also revealed many things about his zeal to create a collection in a telephonic interview from his home in Syria, Ohio. He added, “I fell in love with the movie and little by little I started collecting stuff.”

Did you know?

To get a world record position, O’Connor got his 1,221 collectibles verified that could remind you of the epic sci-fi comedy movie series. The movie’s main starring included Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd (Favorite hero of O’Connor).

Looking at the collectible of ‘Ghostbusters,’ O’Connor can recall his 30 years of passionate collection and nostalgia to collect the items. As per his statement, he said that “My actual collection exceeds about four or five thousand items.”

How’s that possible?

O’Connor further clarified that the actual collection of memorabilia and the ones considered by Guinness varies a lot. The items they counted for his record are much lesser as to what he has with him.

The exciting collection includes the personally signed LPs by Ernie Hudson and Aykroyd. It comprises production props, movie posters, and famous action figures. His collection of ghost-busting tools from the early ’90s included oozing green colored and flavored drinks by the Ecto Cooler.

Moving on to his most pricey and exquisite collection, it also consists of a whole series from the Kenner Ghostbusters Ecto Glows. There is a complete range of Ghostbusters figures that portrays the ghostly green color glowing in the dark. You might not believe it, but most of his collections are in the spending range of $5, $10, and $15.

His most expensive purchase was the Ecto Glows, for which the expense he made was somewhere around the U.S. $250 for the set of five. It is phenomenal to know that owning a collection like this in today’s time might cost your U.S $1,000 to $1,500.

O’Connor felt honored and thrilled to get any attention from the world record books and gladly get the honors. Alongside, he also added his anxious wait for the ‘Ghostbuster’ alumni like the Hudson or Aykroyd to share his story from their end.

He said laughingly, “I wouldn’t know what to do,” and added that he already met both these popular actors before. Danny (Aykroyd) gave a sweet gesture by shaking the hand and is a very humble soul. He also said that Ernie was excellent and nice to the fans.

O’Connor also led a co-founding group in the name of Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters, which is a non-profit group or association. They also organize several themed kid’s parties or fundraisers.

Finally, O’Connor said that “It’s passing it down to a new generation and hopefully they have the same love and passion for it than I did as a kid. I used it as a way to escape reality.”

The fanatics of ‘Ghostbusters’ see it as a great hobby to pursue and achieve some big life goals by this means! Meanwhile, the fans are also awaiting some more glimpses on the memorabilia collected by the ‘Ghostbusters.’