Did you know that love has a secret language?

You need to feel the love rather than expressing it through words. And sometimes, only one gesture or emotion is enough to hit you with the splurge of emotions and sentiments that say all about love.

In this blog, you can get to know the top psychological facts about love and how it affects your soul and heart.

Why is it that men can easily say ‘I Love You,’ but females take time to express! It is a mystic emotion that needs a lot of self-assessment to understand the subtle feeling of love.

Attraction, infatuation, and love is a mysterious yet wonderful emotion that brings bubbles to your stomach. Love is all about chemistry and biology but, above all, a psychological connection.

After knowing psychological facts about love and attraction, you would get ready to dive into the world of love!

Here are the 30 psychological facts about love and crushes that would persuade you to think about this emotion and how it affects people’s life.

Amazing psychological facts about love are as follows:


1. Develop eye contact

As per extraordinary research, couples who wish to get into a romantic relationship develop an eye connection at first sight. Gazing at each other increases the heart rates, and it keeps rising till it reaches the 3 minutes. And it is a ubiquitous gesture when someone gets attracted to anyone.

2. Love hits at a high pace

While most people think that it takes ages to find true love, but the fact is only within 4 minutes can you decide if you have found the true soulmate or not. Most psychological facts about love prove this fact, and there are also many types of research following it.

3. Love is an addiction

Yes, you got that right! Did you know loving or getting into an emotional connection with someone is like consuming a dose of cocaine?

Some interesting psychological facts about love say that love stimulates the human brain and gives rise to the sensation of euphoria in it.

When you fall in love, it releases several chemicals which simultaneously stimulate 12 portions of your brain together. And this develops an urge to see or meet your loved one again and again.

4. Cuddling is a healing mechanism

Cuddling your partner or someone you love releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone produces whenever you cuddle or embrace anyone close to you.

5. Heartbreaks are real

Does that mean physical denture of the heart? Some psychological facts about love prove that traumatizing events with your love, such as a divorce, break-up, or physical separation, can lead to heartbreaks.

And the most severe heartbreak occurs when you face a betrayal that leads to some real pain in your heart. It is also known as broken heart syndrome.

6. Biological love changes with time

While moving ahead with amazing psychological facts about love, it says that love equations change with time. When you first enter the love relation, butterflies and sweaty palms can occur whenever you meet your love. And this is an indication of committed love.

And the biological reason for this is an increase in neurotrophin protein levels amongst the new couples. After a few years, this phenomenon slowly starts changing.

7. Love leads to stress

In your early stages of love, there are lower serotonin levels that help in discovering the feeling of happiness. When the level of cortisol increases in the later years, it starts causing stress.

8. Priorities vary for long-term relationships

True psychological facts about love prove that a time being hook-up or fling is based only on physical attraction. However, if you want to enter a long-term relationship, the priorities you have differed altogether.

9. Life gets sweeter with feelings

When a couple starts developing a love bond with each other, they practically start deviating to some lovely food that makes them feel happier.

10. Few people can never love in life

Loving is a psychological phenomenon that disrupts the abnormality known as hypopituitarism. It is a rare disease that makes you feel dull and down. People having this issue can never love anyone in life.

11. We all have a vein of love

Do you wonder why an engagement ring is always worn on the fourth finger of your left hand? There is a particular reason for it. Ancient Greeks figured out that this finger has a vena amoris known as the ‘vein of love.’ This vein has a straight link to your heart and connects you emotionally with your partner.

12. Emotions play with your heart

Further psychological facts about love and crushes make it evident that ‘frustration attraction’ is also a crucial phenomenon. It also causes individuals to fall in love and plays a trick with the heart.

13. Love is all about chaos

Cupid is the most enduring love symbol from the chaos, also known as ‘The yawning Void.’ It replicates the preliminary forces of desire and love.

14. Love is a Sanskrit term

Amazing psychological facts about love say that the term ‘Love’ comes from the Sanskrit word Lubhyati which means ‘Desire.’

15. Makes life adventurous

When a man meets any woman, it’s like you fall into a trembling bridge of love that adds thrill and excitement to life. Loving someone is a mundane setting that takes a toll on your mind and heart.

16. Love is all about timing

The timing of love is all that matters. Most people fall in love when someone feels lonely, needs some adventure, locates in a foreign place, or wants to enter a new relation psychologically.

17. Testosterone is women’s favorite

Some interesting psychological facts about love state that women often get attracted to partners who have an excellent status, high ambition, respect, status, and taller than them. Women are also fond of strong jawbones or cheekbones, which have a direct link to testosterone levels.

18. Attraction governs love

Men retain the love in their visual memory, which is why they get easily attracted to physical attributes. Scientists suggest that men usually can visualize their partner up to the size when they deliver a baby if they have true love instincts in them.

19. Love is different for men and women

Women love to feel loved and caressed while being with their partner while the men enjoy bonds when they play, work or get physically closer to them.

20. It’s a journey

People can fall up to 7 times in love before entering a marriage commitment. Some psychological facts about love say that love is indeed a beautiful journey.

21. You grow with love

Love has a calming effect on a person’s mind or body. It can also increase nerve growth levels for almost a year.

22. Opposites always do not attract

People having a similar level of attraction cannot end up looking different. As per several social types of research, a specific pattern helps select a romantic relationship. A matching hypothesis indicates this attraction level.

23. Love butterflies are due to stress

The rush of adrenaline can cause an expression of butterflies in the stomach. It is like the flutters popping that is a kind of body response for excitement.

24. Men love women in red

Red color and love have a long connection from the past. Several studies prove that the women wearing a red color indulge in more in-depth conversations and better engagement with men. Bright colored clothing styles attract men.

25. Love and sex vary

As per some psychological facts about love and dreams, love gives rise to abstract thoughts and creativity. When you think of sex, it can influence your decision and make you concentrate on momentary facts.

26. What is an ‘I Love you’ moment

It is nothing but a generous expression of someone’s feelings towards their partner or true love.

27. Kissing increases your life

According to some psychological facts about love, men kissing their wives in the morning can live till 5 years more.

28. Symmetry in love

It is a parameter through which your brain judges beauty. Someone having a symmetrical face can have four more years of sex and affairs than those with asymmetry faces. Even women tend to have more orgasms when they are with men having good face symmetry.

29. Food and romance are co-related

Most brain scans make revelations that women have high responsiveness to romance after eating a good meal. So, that might be the reason behind proposing to someone on a romantic dinner date.

30. Love can be blind

Whenever anyone catches up with a new love, a circuit starts getting neutral in your brain and suppresses judgment. Hence, love is blind.

Final words

The above stated are the true psychological facts about love that are proven as per research and studies. And if you wish to explore and invent few more psychological facts about love and crushes, fall in love for sure.

You can also get many revelations through psychological facts about love and attraction related to physical attraction and love. So, give yourself a try and set your heart free to immerse in the deep ocean of love and togetherness.

You are sure to get mesmerized with the impeccable love strings that hit the heart and run music that runs deep down your veins. Such amazing and astonishing facts about love increase its craze all the more amongst new-age millennials!