in a loving and happy relationship is extremely important for your emotional, physical, and mental health success, and that’s why you need a Dating Mentor. When you’re in a thriving relationship, you tend to achieve more success, be more positive, radiant, and happy. But attaining a relationship success requires hard work, openness, trust, great communication, and endurance. Here are some tips to attain relationship success.

Nurture Your Partner for a Relationship Success

Many couples hit a rough patch where one or both feel disconnected, unappreciated, and unloved. When this happens, you need to immediately resolve these issues instead of letting them fester and cause resentment and anger. The best way to start the healing process, mend your relationship, and achieve success is to focus on nurturing your partner. Start saying, ‘I will nurture you,’ instead of ‘I love you,’ and you’ll find success.

To be nurtured is to have your body and soul nourished by the experience of being in a loving relationship with your partner. It’s to care for and appreciate the people in your life, make them feel great about themselves, and make the relationship a success. Nurturing your partner allows them to feel a sense of success, safety, comfort, and enrichment.

Growing up, our experience of love was seeing our parents shut off emotionally from each other or fighting, which taught us that to love is to hurt each other. As an adult, you unconsciously associate the word love with feelings of hurt and the act of loving someone with emotional pain.

So when you hear ‘I love you,’ your mind and body hear ‘I will hurt you,’ and your unconscious alarm bells start going off, and confusion sets in. By using love as a relationship success calculator, you end up disappointing and hurting your partner. This hinders your success in the relationship.

But the word nurture dissolves these feelings, so when you ask yourself, ‘what can I do or say today to nurture my partner?’ there’s no confusion. You can easily narrow down what you can do to make your partner feel nurtured and make your relationship a success. You can strive to be present, provide support, listen, and mindfully attend to your partner.

For a Relationship Success, Examine Your Expectations

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We are all guilty of interacting with people based on our assumptions and fantasies of them that we’ve conjured in our minds. We expect them to act in a particular way and fail to see them for who they actually are and hear them for what they actually say. We interpret their words, actions, and lives through this inward lens, and when they fail to act accordingly in real life, we experience conflict and stress and fail to achieve success in our relationships.

To attain success in your relationship, you need to realize that your assumptions may not align with your partner’s reality. When you hit a snag in your relationship, take a step back, observe and talk about what just happened in a non-judgmental way.

Open up and be honest with your partner about the stories you’ve been telling yourself, using phrases such as ‘The way I see that is…,’ or ‘The picture in my head about our situation is…’

However, you can’t predict how your partner will react, and if honesty will yield success. But it’s better, to be honest than let the relationship deteriorate further. Confronting the conflict with humility and honesty creates an environment of openness, allowing your partner to share stories they may have been telling themselves about you as well. With this out in the open, you can now discard the facade you’ve been building and attain success and form an authentic and deep relationship.

Remain Emotionally Connected At All Times For Relationship Success

You can determine a relationship’s success and health by how partners care about the other’s pain. While all couples argue and disagree and feel deep anger and hurt when they can’t seem to satisfy each other, most relationship success stories involve partners showing up for each other even during the most difficult moments. Feelings of resentment and hurt are instantly replaced with support and compassion. Each partner can expect unconditional support in the face of a significant loss.

Even when the relationship is strained, you can still show your significant other that you care about their pain, even if you’re the one that caused it. Be genuinely remorseful, compassionate, and try to help heal the hurt. If your partner needs time, give it to them but don’t stop offering. Maintain a record of those hurtful moments so you can achieve success by working to lessen and replace them with more pleasant interactions in the future.

Don’t Focus on the Negatives

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When you’re fighting or have just gotten back together after a breakup, it’s natural only to notice your partner’s negative aspects. After break up, most relationship success stories involve recognizing that neither of you is perfect, but you love each other deeply regardless.

By focusing more on what drew you to your partner, in the beginning, you can retain perspective when your vision gets clouded and make your relationship a success. Looking for things to appreciate in your partner is a relationship success habit that can help you stay connected and focused on your relationship’s good things.


Although many factors influence a relationship’s success, most of them are within your control. By implementing these tips, you can have a happier and healthier relationship and become a relationship success story. Do you know how to predict relationship success? Let us know in the comment section below.