Most of you should remember how it felt in the middle childhood stage. Or if you have boys or nephews at nine years of age. At this stage, the boy becomes so curious and wants to explore. Most of the places he finds exciting are in the world of invention like science and technologies.

It is still at this age that they also want to make friends. Based on that, you have to figure out the appropriate gifts for 9-year-old boys to rock their world. Get them toys that will encourage them to engage and socialize with other kids.

K’NEX thrill rides building set

K'NEX thrill rides building set.jpg

Didn’t we all wonder how roller coasters worked without tossing us down? The little one will imagine the art behind it as he builds one with the building set. It comes with manual instruction to guide you on how to put everything together. He will get intrigued with various ways of playing with the toy, especially when it glows while they are in a dark room. It is one of the best ways to foster creativity, imagination, and patience.

Magnetic dartboard

Magnetic dartboard.jpg

A dartboard is an excellent gift that can help the boy keep busy while practicing and challenging himself. It does not require assembly; all you need is to hang in a safe and spacious place. That can be in the boy’s room where he can play with his friends, or somewhere outside the house. It has six magnetic darts that are safe for the kids and a good exercise for the boy even when alone. He can learn how to aim, focus, coordinate, and balance.

Basketball hoop

Basketball hoop.jpg

If Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan inspires your boy, he better start working on his basketball skills at an early stage. He doesn’t need a pitch to do that, but this hoop is the best place to start. If there’s enough room in the house to hang the ring, that’s excellent. Otherwise, you can create some space outside.



The invention is one of the gifts for 9-year-old boys that will help them quench their curiosity. They can work on several projects from this kit that includes a step by step guide with appropriate material for the children, and visual instructions. Working out with invention is an excellent way of teaching the children how to be crafty, and prepare them for what to expect in the future.

LEGO Mindstorms

LEGO Mindstorms.jpg

Unleash creativity from your little one as you combine the technology of building five different robots from the kit. But they will need a tablet or a phone to get the EV3 programmer App. They will enjoy using the intuitive drag and drop interface when programming the robots to do anything they wish and imagine.

N-strike toy blaster

N-strike toy blaster.jpg

Every boy loves strike games, and even the big boys can indulge in it. After watching the Lego movie, it’s time to practice with this toy that blasts three darts at a go. An ideal birthday present that he can play with his friends during the celebration. And the best thing about it is that the boys can play for a long time without worrying about the recharge because it is not required.



A little challenge doesn’t hurt, which you should be doing with your nine-year-old in the house. It can also be fun for a family game night as everyone participates after enjoying a delicious meal to challenge each other. However, note that it takes up to four members. The best part of this game is that you don’t deal with cash, but you use banking.

Battle bow build and blast set

Battle bow build and blast set.jpg

Give the young engineer a chance to customize and design a battle bow. It will be delightful to start shooting something the boy crafted. It also comes with a safe chamber and five darts for practicing. It is one of the perfect gifts for 9-year-old boys to help them in their intuitive knowledge and prepare their minds for more prominent technology courses in the future.

Waterproof watch

Waterproof watch.jpg

Finally, a gift that can help your boy feel like a master of his own. Now you don’t need to wake him up, because he has an alarm that does that for him. Managing his time will be an exciting new thing. An excellent birthday present for his ninth birthday. And he doesn’t have to remove it while taking a shower or swimming, since it’s waterproof. That saves him the time of removing it now and then and probably misplacing it.

Dragon dice board

Dragon dice board.jpg

Is your son daring enough to capture some wild creatures? Then this will be an enticing game for him. It comprises 12 numbered cards that come in different colors. The players can form the cards by collecting as many as possible to earn dice and help them get the creatures. The game can take from two to four players, and it is very straightforward. Anyone in for a challenge? Game on.

Football stats cube

Football stats cube.jpg

Your son or nephew is at the age where he is experiencing football’s love, and it is quite fascinating to learn more about the top national players. The more he turns the cube, the more he discovers an interesting fact about them. He will get the facts and statistics about Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and many more, including the number of goals scored by each. Any football nerd will get thrilled by every six pages on each side with information about their favorite team.

Hardy boy’s starter set

Hardy boy's starter set.jpg

If your nine-year-old boy has not come across the hardy boys novel, this will be the most thrilling story he will ever read at his age. A little mystery is what every boy is looking for out there, or otherwise trying to create some. He only needs to start with the pack of the five before he gets addicted to more. The book will be un-keep-downable.


All the above are ideal gifts for 9-year-old boys for their birthday, Christmas, or a good boy’s reward. Do you remember how it felt when your friends got all the toys that you couldn’t? Don’t let your boy or nephew feel the same. You have the chance to make him feel special and loved with one of these toys. And better still, play with him whenever you can.