You might be very happy at one point in time and at the next second, you might get irritated. Mood swings are surely very irritating and can take your life for a roller coaster ride.

Thankfully there are many natural methods which can help you in curbing your annoying mood swings.

Simple lifestyle changes can bring a lot of difference to your psychological as well as emotional health.

Here are some easy methods to get rid of mood swings naturally with herbs, simple foods, supplements, and other healthy lifestyle adjustments.

1. Kava-Kava

It is a ceremonial drink which is being used in the south Pacific islands for centuries. It helps in calming the nervous system providing an overall sense of relaxation and relief to the body.

It also helps in reducing the stress levels and anxiety.

2. Holy Basil

Basil leaves have been used since ages in India due to its anxiety and stress relieving properties. Researchers believe that taking about 500 mg of basil leaves after meals reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

It also improves the overall mental health of a person. You can easily find basil leaves in a health food store for a few bucks.

3. Passionflower

This herb is great in controlling nervousness and anxiety. Often nervousness leads to mindless eating. Passionflower has the same properties as that of some prescribed medicine.

It helps in promoting calmness and relaxation. You can take the Passionflower either in the liquid or capsule form.

You can take about 2-3ml of this supplement about three times a day. It also boosts up your mood and helps in optimizing your overall health.

4. Lemon Balm

One of the major after-effects of mood swings is crankiness. Lemon Balm helps in improving sleep along with preventing the sleep deprivation-related crankiness.

Take about 60 drops of it and add it to water before going to bed. You can find Lemon balm in any of the stores which stock herbal food.

5. Ginseng

This particular herb is being used for centuries as a Chinese medicine. Ginseng is a stimulating herb known to increase the general vitality and energy levels.

It is also known to improve your emotional state of mind and helps in increasing the focus.

6. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea proves out to be a powerful adaptogen. This means that the Rhodiola Rosea helps in normalising the body functions including the functions of the brain.

It also helps in decreasing irritability, stress and improves appetite.

7. Say No to Sugar

Refined sugar increases the blood sugar levels and takes your mood for a ride- first up and then down. Eating unprocessed food including eating a lot of sugar which should be avoided.

There are many foods which are loaded with sugar such as yoghurt, natural sodas, condiments, snacks, cereals etc. They take a long time in metabolising and should be strictly avoided.

8. Use MSG as Less As Possible

Monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG is a chemical food additive which gets broken into glutamate which in excess stimulates brain cells to death.

Too much consumption of MSG causes mood swings, heart regularities, upsets the stomach and causes asthma in individuals. Avoid consuming fast foods such as veggie burgers, canned soups, and salty snacks.

9. Incorporate Healthy Eating Habits

It is utmost necessary to include plenty of nuts, oily fish such as salmon, sardines, and cod in your daily regime. Also, you should have avocados, coconut oil, and olive oil. A high proportion of these fats is good for maintaining the overall mental health of a person.

Mood swings can hijack your healthful lifestyle. Besides, it can also cause a havoc to our life. Follow these simple and easy ways to get rid of mood swings naturally.

Author Bio:
Lyuthar Jacob is working as a blog editor at Dealslands. Here in the above post, he is sharing about how you can get rid of changing moods.