These days, we all have a stressful life. Our daily routine or pressure at work causes lots of trouble for our health. The main cause of back pain and neck pain is stress. To fight back pain, we usually tend to turn towards medications.

People have the belief that medications will help relieve the symptoms of back pain. While taking medicine certainly has its benefits in relieving pain, most of the time it is used as a defence contrary to a final pain eliminating process.

People usually opt for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for getting rid of the pain. Such medications include but are not limited to Naproxen, Ibuprofen, and Motrin. Whenever we feel the first instance of back pain, we consume these medicines.

However, like other medications, these also present some major side effects if used in excess. Typically, there are many actionable ways to fight back pain. These are effective treatments, which do not require medicines.

Nevertheless, frequent back pain is not normal. Therefore, you need to seek the advice of a spine specialist rather than popping onto medications on your own.

5 Actionable ways to fight back pain

Chronic back pain can be extremely depressing and unbearable. While medications can lessen the symptoms, there exist several natural ways to overcome back pain. Below are top five ways to fight back pain.

1. Have a Good Laugh with Yoga

Laughter yoga program helps people reduce pain naturally. The encouraging program of laughter reduces stress and produce endorphins. This help reduces pain. Laughter is an emotion that is very powerful and can prevent diseases and heal illness.

Performing laughter yoga is an effective method to cure both physical and mental disorders naturally. Laughter yoga is a new twist to an ancient practice. This method is hugely beneficial today. For instance, laughter is a therapy that is contagious and has no boundaries.

Many studies have found that laughter yoga is more effective than physical therapy for fighting back pain. This is simply because yoga is not only physical but also mental exercises. Yoga proves to calm the mind while strengthening the body.

Moreover, laughter yoga makes the immune system stronger, reduces all types of pain and lowers stress. It is good to combine laughter with breathing exercises as it has a fantastic effect on the body and the mind.

With laughter yoga, you are increasing oxygen intake and controlling blood flow. It also improves the blood vessel function and lowers blood pressure. As a whole, laughter yoga is beneficial to fight back pain.

2. Maintain A Good Diet

Another root cause of back pain is the way we eat. Furthermore, our daily diet consumption has a direct impact on the amount of inflammation that releases throughout our body. The biggest culprit of back pain is poor nutrition, which results in long-lasting inflammation that affects the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons.

Nowadays, all physicians approve that every people who are looking to fight back pain should at any cost maintain a good diet. Therefore, be sure to avoid eating processed foods such as pastries, fast food, sugary drinks, white bread, pasta, chips and many more.

To reduce inflammation in the body, it is recommended to take a diet with natural and organic ingredients. Always aim at eating fruits and vegetables that are colorful such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, cherries, grapes, and more.

These foods contain pigments that are key to fighting inflammation. In addition, the following have a huge impact on reducing inflammation: nuts, lean protein food like chicken and turkey and several types of fatty fish.

There are also spices such as basil, curcumin, garlic, turmeric, ginger, onions, cinnamon, oregano, and onions. To point out, eating healthy will not only help reduce back pain but also have a greater impact on your overall health. Hence, it is advisable to maintain a good eating habit.

3. Get Regular Massages

To eliminate back pain, consider getting regular massages. Although there is still a need for evidence to prove that massage fight back pain, this has been a regular practice these days. The application of ice pack or heating pad along with massage has shown its effectiveness to reduce back pain.

An immediate fix to back pain is to use a tennis ball. Simply face backward from the wall and place the ball behind your back. Slowly lean onto it and do some upwards and downwards movement.

Such action will help reduce the stiffness of your back muscles. Surprisingly, there are all sorts of self-massage. You can choose the one best to you and eliminate the back pain that is bothering you.

Get regular massages to help soothe the chronic back pain. Massage promotes the circulation of blood. It eases stress and relaxes the muscles. Thus, boosting endorphins. These are natural pain relievers and require no medications. Some research has shown that massage helps lessen back pain; it does better to the body.

While the effects of massage are temporary, doing massage to provide relief from back pain will loosen tight muscles and control the flow of blood surrounding the painful area. It is better to seek out a professional massage therapist to provide you with proper massage to fight back pain.

4. Stay Flexible

With our sedentary lifestyle and our modern pace of life, most people are suffering from muscle pain. Back pain and neck tension have become very common. Having stiffness in muscles can make any movement hard and painful. Most of the time, we rely on painkillers and creams to help eliminate back pain.

However, these are an only temporary solution, and we should find ways to prevent the pain. An exciting and simple actionable way to fight back pain is to stay flexible. A basic stretching routine will ease back pain. It is important to point out that physical inactivity can be the root cause of numerous health issues.

This includes weak muscles that lead to back, knee and hip pain. One of the effective ways to improve flexibility and prevent back pain is to perform some stretching exercises. To stay flexible, it is imperative to maintain a good posture.

To maintain a good posture, it means that you should be sitting with care. Choose a chair that supports the back or uses a pillow behind your lower back. The following are worthy principles to adapt to maintain a good posture along with improving your flexibility.

Firstly, you should stand up straight and tall. Be sure to hold your chest high and always keep your shoulders back and relaxed. Finally, bear in mind not to lock down your knees. Your body parts should loosen up, and there should not be any stiffness in your muscles. On an important note, minor or major pains can be a real annoyance.

Pain in the muscles will reduce mobility and usually have devastating effects on the health. Having a tense neck will limit visibility. This can be surprising, but it is a reality. Therefore, maintain a good posture and always try to stay flexible.

5. Include Physical Activity in Your Daily Routine

Daily physical activities can keep the back strong and fight back pain. Health care providers have a firm belief that walking or water exercises usually help to relieve back pain. Stretching and other physical activities also help alleviate back pain.

Consequently, many people who are experiencing back pain tend to believe that doing exercises will exasperate their symptoms. However, there is a slight truth that certain exercise can irritate the pain like for spinal issues. Nevertheless, there are only a few cases where back pain can prevent people from doing exercises.

Therefore, include physical activity in your daily routine to challenge your back pain. Many physicians and health experts recommend that people with back pain should do exercises because it has several benefits.

Physical activity will aid your spinal structure and its surrounding tissues. One instance of exercise will promote the transfer of fluids between the discs that provide nutrition to the spinal cord to remain healthy.

Also, physical activity helps strengthens and stretch the muscles and tendons that surround the spine. This, in the end, will increase its support and help decrease inflammation. Thus, removing back pain. Some people find relief while doing routine runs or walks while others do simple stretching exercises for their spines.

However, always try a variety of exercises that are not hard to perform and that do not add up pressure on the spine. Different exercises can have different effects on your back pain. Simple and easy exercises include swimming, walking, and biking. Furthermore, consistency is important while doing exercises. Make it a routine activity to remain healthy and stronger.


On a final note, to find effective treatments for back pain do not only rely on medications. There exist several actionable ways to fight back pain. To get relief from pain, this is usually a process of trial and error. Some people prefer medicine as a solution, but this is not the final resort. Consider the points that are described above to fight your back pain.