We agree that junk food is the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. And it is impossible to keep one’s self away from a pizza or spaghetti smothered in the rich tomato sauce coupled with meatballs.

However, it is very important to realize that by consuming junk, you are degrading your body and inviting medical conditions. You by making such food choices are taking your health down the drain knowingly or unknowingly.

Well, the junk food items are made in a way that makes you want them more. They are strategically manufactured food, set to leave a psychological impact onto you which takes the shape of what you call food cravings.

These items have quite a high amount of fat, salt, sugar and other chemicals which breaks havoc within your body.

Even denotatively it means, “Pre-prepared or packaged food that has the low nutritional value”. Now that you have gone through this, we think that you should need nothing else to convince yourself that you got to stay away from such food options.

These foods have terrible consequences on your health no matter how many times you consume it. Even if it is for once, the damage has been done and the path to deterioration has been made.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, we felt compelled to come up with a blog post specifically written for your physical wellbeing.

If you are someone who wants to quit junk food but just could not find the corrective measures and if it is sabotaging your weight loss journey, then you are in the right spot.

Try to implement the following clever tips and tricks to cut down on these junkies and do not forget to thank us later.

We are bringing you the five most effective ways to combat those food cravings. They are super easy to put into practice and involve no rocket science. Let’s get to the business with no further delay.

1. Water Yourself

Yes! You need to give your body more water for the food cravings to be at a distance. Often a time one ends up confusing the thirst with hunger pangs or food craving when in reality it is water that your body is asking for.

So, whenever you feel an urge of eating a certain food item on timings which are odd and not regular lunch or dinner time, just have a large glass of water and give yourself a few minutes. You yourself shall notice that the craving fades away and you realize that the body was just thirsty.

Besides this, drinking a good amount of water helps with weight loss. Also, drinking a glass of water before each meal reduces the appetite and helps you lose weight.

Ideally, one must consume about six to eight glasses of water a day.

2. Include More Protein

The more the protein in your diet, the merrier it gets. Including a substantial amount of protein keeps you away from indulging in overeating and reduces your appetite.

Moreover, it also satiates your hunger well enough to make you feel full and satisfied for longer. Additionally, the food cravings are reduced too and that is what we want here.

Even if you feel that urge to just dive into a food item, divert your mind by going for a brisk walk. If not this, chew a gum. A change in thought can stop the craving.

Including protein brings down the desire to snack at night by 50% and the food cravings are automatically reduced by 60%. A simple inclusion of skinless chicken, turkey or fish and eggs can turn the tables in your favor.

3. Plan Your Meals

Make it a habit to plan your meal chart for the upcoming day or week. This smoothens up your daily food intake and you would feel fewer cravings. Gradually, you will be able to cut down on the cravings.

When you plan your meals, you are working towards killing that factor of temptations. You would not have to think about what to eat the following meal as you have had already planned beforehand.

This way, you are less or no longer would experience any food cravings and there you will win it! Include fiber besides the proteins as it boosts up the immune system and makes you feel full. The right amount of fiber adds bulk to your diet.

Fiber not only aids in digestion and prevents constipation. It also helps maintain a healthy weight. It can make you feel fuller for longer as fiber stays in your stomach longer than other food items.

This, as a result, reduces appetite and food cravings. By including fiber in your diet, it gets easier for one to cut down on calorie intake.

4. The Game of Sleep

Your hormonal fluctuations throughout the day play quite a big role in your appetite. A sleepless night is more likely to get us inclined towards a cheesy-loaded mushroom pizza or a big fat saucy burger. Explore this study to know more.

Speaking of this, make use of telemedicine if you have trouble sleeping. Now, you no longer have to bear those exhausting commutes. A reliable telemedicine platform allows you to treat your medical problems from the comfort of your home.

It is important to look out for a solution to insomnia as any disruption in one’s sleep pattern may bring about abnormal fluctuations in the hormone and this lead to poor appetite regulation and food cravings at ungodly hours.

A good eight-hour sleep is essential for the body and mind to function. Someone with an irregular sleeping pattern may have to battle with obesity than someone with a nice, regular sleeping pattern.

Hence, we recommend to never compromise on your sleeping hours come what may. Get enough sleep to avoid those abnormal hunger pangs.

5. Eat Spinach

There is a compound, called thylakoid, found within the spinach which can slow down the fat digestion and reduce hunger and food cravings. It being rich in thylakoids releases satiety hormones which work in favor.

This is how spinach controls hunger and cravings. Thylakoids are composed of about 70% of proteins, antioxidants, and chlorophyll, while the other 30% is fat.

You can also resort to spinach extract, which is a supplement, to fight food cravings. It is new in the market and quite a hit.

A spinach extract is a green powder derived from spinach, as the name suggests, that can be mixed with water or included in smoothies for the effect to work. This supplement comes in the form of capsules and snack bars, besides the powder form. So, you can choose what best suits you bask in its benefits.