A short foot massage can help in relaxing after a busy day of walking around, running and standing for an extended period.

You will feel the relaxation for few hours, but do you think it can provide the benefits of a complete massage?

Absolutely no, you may feel relaxed, but the pain gets back after some period.

The massage techniques are of different types, and each of them assures specific health benefits.

Considering the acupressure technique, they act to enhance your energy flow and general health by treating some pressure points.

Traditional therapeutic techniques help to focus on joints and muscles; aromatherapy makes use of relaxing music and scented oil to provide the relaxation by acting upon various senses.

Reflexology is another efficient technology to improve the internal organs by massaging multiple areas around your feet.

6 Benefits of Foot Spa Massage

There are different kinds of foot spa massager you can try out in your home or in a spa to enjoy the overall benefits of a foot massage, today we will check out the various benefits a foot massage can provide you.

1: Enhances Blood Circulation

The busy and sedentary lifestyle has brought up considerable changes in human life.

The tight work schedule, various work impressions and other important things happening around your lifestyle makes you fly with your feet and therefore brings pain at the end of the day.

It’s easy to get rid of these pain by taking a 10 to 20-minute foot massage before you go to bed.

The massage helps in increasing the circulation in various parts including the lower extremities, which is one of the important ones for people who have diabetes.

2: Get Rid of Ankle and Foot Injuries

Taking feet to massage regularly help to get a more in-depth recovery from joint pain and other injuries caused due to accidents or other issues, also capable of reducing muscle soreness.

When ankle and foot strengthening exercises are performed along with massage helps you in preventing from significant injury in the future, and also you can quickly get recovered from the existing damages.

3: Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Foot reflexology, which is one of the foot massages put you in a relaxed motion during and after the massage.

More research has proved that taking reflexology techniques frequently can decrease anxiety and stress in cancer patients.

The foot spa technique is also considered to be the active method to deal with the anxiety and depression.

4: Reduces Headaches and Migraines

Research in Denmark has stated that people with a headache and migraines started showing massive improvement after they started with these reflexology massaging techniques, apart from that the people who take reflexology foot massage experienced to notice positive changes in their lifestyle and succeeded with impressive results.

5: Lowers Blood Pressure

High Blood pressure is now becoming a common problem in modern women and men; there are a lot of reasons for the cause of high blood pressure namely unhealthy diet, stress, genetics, environmental factors, etc.

Research held on healthcare with the people who suffered from dementia showed that persons who took three to four sessions for 10-minute foot massage found a massive improvement in lowered blood pressure, anxiety, and improved mood.

6: Get rid of Plantar fasciitis and Flat Feet

People who have flat feet due to the ligament laxity don’t have a regular feet arch, and there are high chances for the arch to collapse. Not all people will experience foot pain, but some of them will have mild physical feet pain due to the flat feet.

The deterioration and inflammation of the plantar fascia cause chronic heel pain, and this can be solved when taking regular foot exercise along with the deep massage.

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