When it comes to facials, you either love them and have a recurring appointment, or you have never tried one before — rarely is someone in the middle.

With so many incredible benefits to be had, and a whole range of options to choose from to ensure the experience is catered to your skin, it is not difficult to see why these effective treatments are a top priority for men and women all around the world.

Whether you are new to the world of skincare or merely want to remind yourself of the power of facials, here are four essential things about facials that you need to know.

1. It isn’t Merely A Luxurious Indulgence

While getting facials is indeed an enjoyable way to spend an hour, their purpose isn’t solely to be a superficial extravagance. On the contrary, facials are a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to protect and maintain their skin.

Just as you exercise, eat healthily, and book regular haircuts, manicures and pedicures, you must give the same level of priority to facials because they (like the other activities listed) help prevent and treat common issues.

Facials can help dramatically, particularly around the time when the seasons change and the weather transforms.

For example, when the weather starts to warm up in spring, many people notice their skin becoming oilier and more prone to breakouts — this is something a facial can certainly help you with.

2. It is All About Finding the Right One For You

There are so many types of facials, each with its own unique set of benefits, that you are guaranteed to find the right combination that works best for your skin.

For your facialists to be able to advise you on the right facial for you, it would be best if you know what products you are currently using as they will most likely ask.

While each facial is geared towards specific types of skin and problems, generally, there are some overall benefits that they all have in common.

Examples are encouraging cell regeneration, increasing collagen development, developing the blood circulation in your face, defeating whiteheads and blackheads, and helping prep your skin for maximum absorption of your daily skincare products.

From blemishes to severe acne, hyper pigmentation to scarring, whatever skin issues you are dealing with can significantly benefit from the right kind of facial.

3. You Need To Do Your Part to Protect the Facial

For the best results, you want to ensure that you aren’t waxing or shaving your face for 24 to 48 hours before or after your facial.

If you do it before the treatment, then you are going to find it a very uncomfortable occurrence with a heightened level of tingling or stinging. If you do it after the facial, then you are more likely to experience breakouts or tearing of the skin.

Similarly, you don’t want to have recently been lying in the sun or on a tanning bed before getting a facial because any level of sunburn is a surefire way to have an uncomfortable experience.

That being said, as sun damage is the main culprit for aging, you want to avoid sunbathing and tanning beds as much as possible, and always wear sunscreen.

Additionally, keep in mind that some medications can thin your skin and these can lead to severe damage if a facial is done prior to the skin rebuilding to its original state.

4. Be Smart About the Timing of Your Appointment

If you are looking to get a facial to ensure you look your best for an upcoming event, you need to be smart about when you time your appointment.

Unlike getting your hair or nails done, you don’t want to plan your facial the day of or the day before a significant event because you don’t know how your skin is going to react.

While in most cases your skin will be perfectly fine, it is still better not to take the risk.

If you aren’t sure when is the right time to get your facial, or you want some expert advice on which facial treatment is proper for you, then reach out to the salon that prides itself in providing the best facials to speak with a highly experienced facialist.