I am sure that a number of first-time mothers in the world are struggling with their newborn babies at this moment.

There are a variety of issues that you need to solve including how to help your baby get enough rest, how to change their cloth diapers, how to bathe them as well as how to breastfeed them in the best way.

With all of my experience, I am going to share my tips with you and you can be a master soon. Let’s check it out!

1: How to Help Your Newborn Get Plenty of Rest?

As you may know, there are a handful of things that would make your baby wake up at night. But it took me a while to identify what they all were.

Once we know the challenges, it is easier to avoid them and keep our babies sleeping through the night.

Getting enough sleep is very important to the development of your baby’s brain as well as his little body so that you should help him to get as much sleep as he can.

As a result, I am going to list some of the interruptions that prevent the baby from sleeping as well as seek for the possible solutions.

Newborn Get Plenty of Rest

  • Wet Diapers

Babies tend to pee at night a lot so that when the diaper is wet, they get uncomfortable, wiggly and then wake up. As a result, you need to find a high-quality diaper to help keep him dry all night.

If the diaper is soft and comfortable enough, he will sleep without any problems. A good night of sleep will lead to a good morning for both the mother and the baby.

  • Hunger

Some babies eat every few hours so that you need to keep him awake while he eats by talking or singing quietly to him. On the other hand, you can change the diaper halfway through the feeding to help him stay awake.

Moreover, putting him in the bed before he is asleep is considered as the key to teaching him how to put himself to sleep.

  • Overtiredness

Every baby seems to have a window of time for putting him down so that if you miss it and he gets overtired, you will get a hard time getting him down at all.

It can make many first-time mothers suffer a lot, but you should learn all the sleepy signals such as rubbing his eyes, fussiness together with laying his head down.

By doing this, you can make your babies sleep again for sure.

  • Loud Noise and Silence

Loud noises are regarded as a common problem when there are other kids or people around. However, you will find silence a problem also, hence, you should try to have some kind of background noise when your baby goes to bed such as lullaby music.

Even though your babies may wake up at night, you need to teach them how to put themselves back to sleep. You should try not to run in every time they whimper because our noise and energy can be the factors that wake them up.

2: How to Breastfeeding Your Newborn Effectively?

For all of the first-time moms, you can feel overwhelmed and struggle to figure out how often and how long your baby should feed. When it comes to feeding, there are two theories about how often babies should be fed.

 breastfeeding your newborn

  • On-Demand Theory

This theory is explained as when your baby manifests signs of hunger, you are going to feed. They may root for the breast and look for the bottle. Moreover, they can chew on their fists and their wrists as well.

However, you should remember that on-demand feeding should occur and the baby should be fed for between 8 and 12 times every 24 hours during the first week of life. Make sure that these feedings should range from 10 to 45 minutes in length.

  • Scheduled Theory

If you can schedule your baby’s feeding, it will be more beneficial for you. You can start feeding at 7 am, feed your baby thoroughly within at least 20 minutes on each side and make sure that they are full.

Then, around a half and an hour later, you can put your baby down to sleep in their crib and just feed them again after 3 hours. If you do a good job, you can get some nice breaks while your babies are asleep.

3: Considering Formula Feeding Your Newborn

There are a number of options for newborn formula feeding but you need to talk to your doctor and figure out which one is the right choice for your baby.

During the first month of life, the baby needs to eat approximately every 2-3 hours. Moreover, during the first week, you should feed your baby about 25 milliliters to 45 milliliters. Remember to burp the baby at the end of the feeding.

However, you should notice whether your baby is showing hunger cues or not.

They may turn their heads side to side looking for the bottle, take their hands to their mouths and crying is the late sign of hunger cues. Thus, you should get your baby fed before they get to that point.

feeding your newborn

4: How to Diaper Your Newborn?

Newborns will go through 8 to 12 diapers a day and soon you will become a diaper-changing expert. Instead of using the normal diapers, you can use cloths diapers for your babies.

These cloth diapers have a number of cute designs and you can also wash them afterward for reuse.

Now, I would show you how to change your baby’s diaper effectively. First, you will need a clean diaper which has a cut out that leaves space for the umbilical cord stump.

You also need wipes, washcloth, and diaper. Then, choose a safe place and stay near your baby at all times to prevent a fall.

Next, hold your baby’s feet up and place the new diaper under your baby. After that, you can remove the dirty diaper and use the warm cloth to wipe their body.

Diaper Your Newborn

5: How to Bathe Your Newborn?

Bath time is the perfect time to engage your babies’ senses and bond with them. In order to make the perfect bath, you need to prepare all the essentials and start with only a few inches of warm water.

After filling the tub, make sure to swirl the water with your hand, so there are no hot spots. Then, use one arm to support your baby’s back, head, and neck.

After that, gently place them in the bath but you need to continue supporting them with one arm while bathing them with the other.

Lastly, wrap both hands around your baby’s chest, under their arms, support their head and lift them out of the bath.

Make sure to wrap them in a towel quickly and dry them to avoid any skin damage.

Bathe Your Newborn

6: Take your Newborn to the Doctor Regularly

Whenever you think there is something wrong with your babies, you are highly recommended to take them to the doctor.

By doing this, you can get the proper advice on how to take better care of them and make sure that they do not get any serious diseases.

Newborn to the Doctor

7: Take Care of Yourself

Although the newborn baby is the priority with all of the first-time mothers, you have to take good care of yourself. If you are sick, it will be a problem for your baby too.

As a consequence, you have to be healthy to grow your baby effectively and enjoy your life with them.

first-time mothers


Have you found my article useful and interesting? I hope that all of my sharing will contribute great knowledge to all of the mothers out there. Nevertheless, in case you have any confusion or queries about this topic, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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