At the time of your pregnancy, it is not possible to sleep on your belly and sleeping on your back is avoidable after the first trimester.

When you lay on the back the weight of your uterus presses on the vein that returns the blood flow from your lower body to your heart.

So when you are pregnant being comfortable at night is not so easy task as you back is aching and your legs are cramping and you keep on thinking that which position will be safest for sleeping.

Your regular sleep positions may no longer work during the time of pregnancy.


It’s very uncommon to contend with sleep disturbances during pregnancy and which is due to stress and anxiety, physical discomfort or hormonal fluctuations.

There are many reasons for this discomfort but there are numerous sleeping postures that you can try and which may assist you to gain much-needed rest.

Why can Sleeping be Complicated?

how to sleep comfortably while pregnant

The most pressing reason behind sleep problems during pregnancy is the mounting volume of the fetus and which make it had to get comfortable. There are many reasons which will make it difficult for you to sleep they are.

1: The regular push for pee

As the baby grows and uterus gets bigger the pressure on bladder increases and the number of nighttime trips may increase if the baby is active at night.

2: Increasing heart rate

Heart rate at the time of pregnancy pumps up as more supply goes to the uterus.

3: Breath shortness

Your breathing will be affected during pregnancy as pregnancy hormones increases and this will cause you to breathe more deeply.

4: Leg Cramps

Pain in legs or back due to extra weight is one of the main causes for not getting proper sleep in pregnancy.

Some Best Positions to Get Plenty of Rest

There are some best sleeping positions which you should try to get plenty of rest and which will help you to get much-needed rest

  • The most excellent sleeping position at the time of pregnancy is sleeping on side or we can also call it SOS and it’s even healthier to sleep on your left side as sleeping on the left side will raise the amount of blood and nutrients that arrive at the placenta and your baby. You should also keep your legs and knees bent and should put a pillow stuck between your legs.
  • If you face the problem with your back pain use this SOS position and try placing a pillow under your abdomen area also.
  • If you feel heartburn during the night time than you can prop your upper body with pillows.
  • In late later pregnancy sometimes you experience with shortness of breath, at that time you should try to lay down on your side or you can prop up with pillows.

You should try these as these will work at your pregnancy time and please keep this point in mind that you should not stay at the particular single position and you should rotate and change your positions at regular time intervals.

Some Positions Which Should be Ignored at the Time of Pregnancy

There are some positions which you should ignore during the time of your pregnancy and they are

  • Sleeping on your back will cause problems like headaches, low BP and so you should keep this in mind that you should not sleep on the back.
  • You should also not sleep on your stomach as the later period of pregnancy your abdomen goes various physical changes and which make it very complicated for you to lay on the stomach.

So remember that sleeping on one side with knees bent is a perfect position and which will offer you much comfort at the time of pregnancy.

Laying your back with propped up against pillows is also fine and can be helpful if you suffer from heartburn during pregnancy.